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FUN CAMP the eBook

Get it from Amazon for $4.

Get it directly from Publishing Genius for $3.


And check out this POSSIBLE SPELLING ERRORS compilation over at Publishing Genius.


“I’ll be maid of honor in your wedding and you’ll be co-maid with my sister but only cause she’d disown me if I didn’t let her.” – Big Lucks

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New FUN CAMP Review by Peter Tieryas up at HTMLGIANT

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“Fun Camp acts as a strange microscope for the cabin of our lives … The miracle is how much gets packed into that short period of time; falling in and out of love, friendships born and betrayed, philosophical schisms formed and patched” – Peter Tieryas-Angela Xu at HTMLGIANT

Thank you, Peter!

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Matthew Simmons Interviewed Me for Hobart


“The rule is: When someone gives you a multiple choice question and one of the answers is ‘multiverse,’ always ALWAYS choose multiverse.”


This Thursday night I am reading downtown at the Last Bookstore with Ken Baumann, Amelia Gray, Ashley Farmer, and Jereme Radin. Come for the fog machine, stay for the laser tag.


Consider picking out little something for your self over at the Publishing Genius Kickstarter.


Darius Kazemi’s new bot pulls GIFs from The Wire every hour.


Some new reviews are up over at the FUN CAMP Goodreads page.

100 Words on Love + Two New FUN CAMP Reviews in NANO Fiction and Necessary Fiction

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The very persuasive Joanna Schroeder got me to write 100 words on love AND convinced me to cute it up with a photo of me & Leeez being real sweet. “The new “both of us working from home” skill set includes ignoring each other: headphones & stonefaces. It feels bad to get too good at it, so we each sometimes run the risk of pestering the other with nonessentials.”

You can read more in the 100 Words series here.


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“In revisiting the novel, early stories that work the first time around as parodies of camp rules and order become early stories that foreshadow the dire interactions between campers and the ideological fallout that follows in the second reading … These juxtapositions and deepening layers are difficult to divine on a first read when there are so many irreverent jokes and absurd passion plays to enjoy on the surface.” – Peter Fontaine in NANO Fiction



Fun Camp is a wonderfully nuanced exploration of youth taken away from the familiar, and given the adult task of knowing which rules to keep, break, and change. More importantly it illustrates the desire to be accepted by being unconventional in a new convention, and explores the adolescent desire to be a better person no matter the cost. Much like the campers want a perfect Midnight Hike, we all hope for a perfect something even if the something keeps changing and is ultimately only a romantic idea.” – Michael Wayne Hampton in Necessary Fiction

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