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Colin Marshall Interviewed Me for the LA Review of Books + Gamespot Article on Boss Fight

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We talk about my Meanwhile manuscript, Boss Fight, and especially FUN CAMP. Colin’s a radio pro destined for NPR greatness. (Listen to how he segues to a new topic. Like BUTTER.) I’m lucky to have been on his show.


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Boss Fight was featured on Gamespot last week. Definitely the coolest and most intensive essay about the new press yet. Features interviews with me and the authors. Thank you Maxwell McGee for making it happen.

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Fun Camp Videoplex

Peter Tieryas turned his Fun Camp review into a sweet video for HTMLGIANT where dogs run backwards and children blur indistinctly into each other. That seems about right. As head counselor Dave says, “I want so much for you as a gaggle of campers, but as individuals i can barely keep your faces in focus.”


Meanwhile in YouTubeland, Michael Filippone reads the shit out of some Fun Camp pieces:


Let me know if you get up to performing some FUN CAMP bits online. I want teens to read from this book to audition for the school play and then accidentally fwd the audition video to the whole school and then become–not necessarily King of the School–but at the very least a wild card, one to keep an eye on.

I leave you with Demon Ben Kopel:


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New Essay: Muffingate @ The Weeklings and The Good Men Project

Thanks to The Weeklings for publishing my essay, Muffingate, and to The Good Men Project for reposting it here.

It’s another one from the Meanwhile manuscript. Others appear here and here.


Here’s the part where I liberally quote from Dear Abby:

Abby of Dear Abby presented some readers’ write-ins about graveyard etiquette. Was it okay for people to walk dogs in a graveyard? For kids to play there while nearby people mourned?

“I find it disgusting and disturbing that these folks are using our sacred place for their personal pleasures,” said Jean of Massachusetts, making it sound as if her mourning was frequently disturbed by people having public sex atop nearby graves.

“Dear Abby,” said Jan of Sartell, MN. “Several years ago in a nearby church cemetery, a young couple and their 4-year-old were putting flowers on a relative’s grave. The child got a bit antsy and climbed on a headstone. The stone was loose and tipped over onto the child and killed him. No one should let children play in a cemetery.”

“Dear Abby,” said Alanson of New Jersey. “I want children to play on my grave.”


Here’s the part I made into a video:

New Collagist Interview: “Dunking Myself in the Soup of Information”

William Hoffacker kindly interviewed me for The Collagist blog, asking me about Boss Fight, music taste, the role of research, book recommendations, and especially about my essay, All Our Pretty Songs.

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