FC Thanks

Real quick: I’ve been thinking about how nobody had to review FUN CAMP, interview me about it, make cool videos, etc., but a bunch of people did. All of whom were busy with their own lives. And seeing my book on a year-end Buzzfeed list put a nice cap on the Year of the Book.

So I wanted to express some big gratitude to…

Colin Winnette, Tyler Crumrine, Holly McDede, Brian Trapp, Maria Anderson, Peter Tieryas, Peter Fontaine, Michael Wayne Hampton, John Domini, Mel Bosworth, Spencer Dew, Mike Young, Quincy Rhoads, Joe Sacksteader, Origami Zoo, Vouched Books, Joeseph Riipi, Scott Carpenter, Julie Klausner, Colin Marshall, Brian Allen Carr, Michael Filippone, Matthew Simmons, Peter Cavanaugh, Tobias Carroll, and David Gutowski. To Jack Christian for touring with me. To everyone who invited me to read or agreed to read with me. To everybody who published pieces of the book. And especially to Adam Robinson for designing the book and putting it out with Publishing Genius.

THANK YOU, everybody. It meant a lot.

One thought on “FC Thanks

  1. Colin says:

    Aw, man. It’s just a good book, is all.

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