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New FUN CAMP Review by Peter Tieryas up at HTMLGIANT

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“Fun Camp acts as a strange microscope for the cabin of our lives … The miracle is how much gets packed into that short period of time; falling in and out of love, friendships born and betrayed, philosophical schisms formed and patched” – Peter Tieryas-Angela Xu at HTMLGIANT

Thank you, Peter!

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Fun Camp Review Roundup

On here I created a permanent FUN CAMP tab, which I’ll keep updated with info, links, blurbs, and reviews as they roll out in the coming weeks. Here’s what we’ve got so far.


Mike Young has kicked things off with a very nice preview/review of FUN CAMP, generous with excerpts: Gabe Durham’s FUN CAMP: “Anything that doesn’t send you to the showers isn’t worth laughing at.”

FUN CAMP has the skinniest low voice. FUN CAMP has the most earnest eye width. FUN CAMP is tall and kind and stalwart and genuinely funny, sweetly so, like the difference between a blackberry and corn syrup … I mean, there are parts of this book that are literally better than Wet Hot American Summer. Yeah. For real. I’m not blowing watermelon relays up your ass. It’s not hard to read this book at all—this book is fucking entertaining.

Holy WHAS comparison!!! Thanks, Mike.


Meanwhile, editor J.A. Tyler of the recently-closed Mud Luscious Press, had this to say:

I read thousands and thousands of book manuscripts for Mud Luscious Press, and none were ever like FUN CAMP. Durham’s debut is a novel but not a novel, a story collection but not a story collection, witty though not all about the clever, a kind of funny rippled with sadness: FUN CAMP is the perfect amalgamation. From now on, when someone asks me what it means to grow up, to run away into our future selves, I will hand them this book.

J.A. helped me edit the content of the book, and it’s the better for it.


Then, today at HTMLGIANT, an anonymous reviewer gives the book an 8.8, makes some sharp observations about what the book is up to, and also takes an autobiographical approach that seems only natural with a book like this:

My thirteen year-old self was hesitant, shy, and apt to disengage at sleep-away camp, but after I let myself go and gave into the fun, I didn’t want to leave. Fun Camp struck me the same way. Give yourself over to its silliness, its slick po-mo, and like a camper, you won’t want to leave when it comes to an end.


Thanks to everyone who has written or will write something about this book. It all takes time and you have lives! And thanks to everyone else for helping me spread the word. As with all books but especially indies, I’m relying on friends and colleagues and bloggers and tweeters and family members and distributors and bookstore owners and dogs and babies and robots to help make the book known.

Exactly one month to go. Soon there will be a cover because there has to be.

Pre-order FUN CAMP here. Cheap, cheap, cheep.

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