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NOÖ Journal’s Issue Nine is out. It’s got new poems by Jack, Jono, and Chris, a story by Rachel, and a chapbook review by me.

Notnosrums’ Issue Two is out as well. It’s got new poems by Jeannie, Lily, Zach, a different Chris, Francesca, Rachel again, and James Tate.

This site is 50,000 children strong. Good job y’alls.

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The Gather Round Children Variety Post

It’s a hard time for everybody: Can we agree, then, to just give links this year?

Jack Christian started a blog, Precious Document. He’s just giving away poems that appeared in sweet print journals like Black Warrior Review. His questionable business moves are America’s gain.

You can watch the first episode of Flight of the Conchords, Season 2, at Funny or Die. It’s good.

Also funny: New Stella Short

If you can get your hands on McSweeney’s #29 (the new one), read the first story, “It’s Nice When Someone is Excited to Hear From You,” by Brian Baise. It’s fantastic. A detestable narrator whose detestability  isn’t immediately identifiable and never redeems himself exactly, but complicates himself enough not to be hatable. Voicy without tricks.

My mom and Ed got me a 2-year subscription to Quick Fiction, and I’m halfway through the new one. Lots of gems in this gorgeous little book. So far, my favorite is “The Torturer…” by Michael Thurston. There’s also a nice one by Anthony Varallo, who had a very funny story in the issue of Fugue I read a couple of weeks ago. So he’s on my radar now.

Michael Ocean shreds on his custom telecaster: Paranoid Android

Michael Young shreds on his custom keyboard.

Deb Olin Unferth did a Daytrotter reading. Her voice is different, higher, than I’d imagined. I like it.

Damien Jurado also did a Daytrotter session, including a nice morose rendition of “Ohio.”

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Subway Imitator

My short short story, “Subway Imitator,” just went up at Johnny America. It looks great there, much better than on my Word document. Johnny America is one of the best-formatted web journals. Very simple and clean.

After you read mine, check out their fiction archives. Lots of good reading.

Six For Six

The Madison Review has accepted my story, “The Conversationalist,” for publication. That puts my chapbook, The Complete Genealogy of Everyone, Ever, at a 6/6 (or 100%) publication score and means they’re all objectively, unarguably good stories.

I said some regrettable things about my story in the past, and I take back them all. “The Conversationalist” is not dumb, it just has a learning disability and needed extra testing time.

Now quick, vote for Mike. His sexy essay needs us now.

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Accidental NaNoWriMo Participant

I have a word document made of scenes from a potential short novel I’m working on. I use the word potential because it might go back to being a short story. The document was created on Oct 28, 2008, and as of yesterday, broke 15,000 words. In other words, November was productive.

Though this is well under a third of the NaNoWriMo‘s requisite 50,000 words, I still feel the need latch on their glory and feeling of accomplishment. I am the guy who ran a 10k, took a shower, then drove to the marathon finish line to jump and and down with the marathoners, celebrating our shared accomplishment.

Great job everybody we did it we did it we did it wooooooo we did it our fingers are the best wooooo we could easily get temp jobs yaaaaay wooo we did it we made words we did it great job oh man wooo wooo!

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