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Remix: “Morris Brown” by Outkast


Happy wedding season, everybody. I bring you the gift of hot track, available for listening at the GRC MySpace. The song features elements of Outkast, David Gray, the Proclaimers, the Decemberists, Goldspot, Bruce Springsteen, the Wrens, Beck, Klaxons, Wilco AND, FOR THE FIRST TIME, no Modest Mouse. Deal with it.

GRC on MySpace

Gather Round, Children has officially taken over the internet: 

Listening to bombsauce remixes just got easier.

Buttons you can’t accidentally prick yourself with while pinning them to your shirt:

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Coming up:

– “Wit Of Winston,” as promised and not delivered (STOP BUGGING ME ABOUT IT)

– Another radio show in our Summer Spectacular series

– A previously unreleased show from the archives

– A new set of discussion questions (currently accepting suggestions from book clubs)

– Maybe a long way off: a “Best of Improv” album collected and remastered from the twenty-some-odd episodes of the Gather Round Children Show

Finally… Alex Moore’s breaking stuff video

Season 4, Episode 2


Episode #2 “Picnic At the Clinic” (6/4/07):  Featuring Jack Parmelee of rock band The Good Cheer. Songs/segments include Jack’s apology, “Mr. Livingston” by the Good Cheer, “Take My Money,” “Careless” by Glen Phillips, “Exact Science” demo, group showers, “War on War” by Wilco,  “Oh I Want to See Him,” “Tom Intervention Jam,” Louisiana Purchase/laugh solo, “Proud to Be An American,” non-American music smashing, “You’re A Grand Old Flag,” epic “Hey Jude” by the Beatles. IntroductionPart One, Part Two , Part Three, Part Four

Over-Committed But Well-Rounded Reading Group: Animal Farm by George Orwell

animal farm

Discussion Questions by Gabe Durham

1. Animal Farm is a short novel (or novella to our Italian readers). Does it make you feel good to read a whole book in such a short amount of time? Why do you think so many books are so long? Do you think guys like Tolstoy should be blushing about the fact that it took him, like, a forest-load of paper to say what they wanted to say?

2. Go around the room and discuss how busy each of you is. Embellish a little. Remember: this is a contest. Does anyone in the reading group have time to just read books for fun? If they do, doesn’t that indicate that he or she is not one of the busier people in the reading group?

3. Discuss the latest episode of “CSI: New York”.

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