Monthly Archives: February 2010

Variety Post

Nice touching piece about Roger Ebert, now voiceless but crazy-prolific in his last years.

Extra-good Onion: Rise In Teen Pregnancy Proves Teens Still Got It

Local Natives (used to be Cavil at Rest) are getting deserved attention for their new album. I like it.

Live Lit tomorrow night: Durham, Christle, McLean, Koyama.

Fun Camp update – Got some new ones coming soonish from Hobart, Decomp, and Skein.

New Story: Too Many Subjects

My story, Too Many Subjects, just came out in the new Issue #Y’aing’ngah of Bust Down the Door and Eat All the Chickens, which you can download for free as a PDF. This is the story I read the other night at the Rendezvous. Thanks to Bradley Sands and Garrett Cook for working with me on it.

The issue includes stories by Mykle Hansen, Brandi Wells, xTx, Nicole Cushing, R.E. Greene, and Jeff Lawhead,  book reviews of D. Harlan Wilson’s Peckinpah and L.V. Rautenbaumgrabner’s As I Was Cutting and Other Nastinesses, and cover art by Kristian Adam.


Got my Lifted Brow contributor copy! (Or most of it–don’t know whether to blame the USPS or Australia Post for all the damage sustained along the way, but I suspect my local mailman.) The book is a mighty beast, huge and ambitious, a true attack journal. Intentionally frenzied and structured in such a way that you’re encouraged to read it all the way through. That said, I skipped around a lot and read the DFW excerpt, the Sean Casey story, and all the comics. And the CD that made it to me (CD B) is varied, raw, and exciting. Most if not all the music is stuff I’d never heard of. Also, in case you missed it, here’s Brow mastermind Ronnie Scott interviewed by Justin Taylor and then here’s Jonathan Lethem interviewed by Ronnie. Proud to have made it in.

Collagist Interview is Up

Marie Schutt interviewed me for The Collagist blog.

We talk about “This Doomed Gift Before You” as cash-in sequel, artistic pitfalls, what I want people to feel, what I’m reading and writing, UMass, communal burning, Salinger, and the future.

Thanks, Marie, for spending time with my story and coming up with good questions! Interviews are like the cupcakes of writing. Good for me? Nah. But what I fantasize about sometimes while eating my green beans?

On Tour in the Pioneer Valley

Well. That’s a stretch. But I’m doin stuff this month.

2/8 – The Rendezvous – 7 pm -Reading a little some thing of mine and then one Daniel Bailey’s DRUNK SONNETS, along with Ben Kopel, Anne Holmes, Gale Thompson, Jack Christian, and Christy Crutchfield. Put on by Magic Helicopter and Slope.

2/17 – Northampton – Green Street Cafe – 7:30 pm – Reading poems with Jack Christian. My first ever poetry reading–come see me squirm. It’ll also be my first time reading at length from Fun Camp.

2/18 – UMass – Memorial Hall – 8 pm – I get to introduce Donald Antrim. Then Donald Antrim reads.

2/26 – Amherst Books – Live Lit –  8 pm – Reading fiction with Robin McLean, Luke Goebel, and Mark Koyama.