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Gabiger Durgam and the Mysterious Case of the Talented Peers


Christmas Lit* for the kiddies**!

Jason Larson – “Explain the Diagram

Christopher Cheney, Amy Dickinson, Seth Landman, Lisa Olstein, Heather Christle – poetry in Notnostrums

Rachel B. Glaser – “The Kid

Brian Mihok – “The Four Things” (1/4 of his sweet chapbook of the same name)

Mike Young has a wealth of links to stories and poems here.

* Stories and poems do not contain Christmas. In fact, all mentions of “Christmas” have been replaced with “Celebration or Not Celebration of Beliefs and Unbeliefs Day.” It was not so much an attempt to be PC as it was an aesthetic choice.

** Not for kiddies.

Season 5, Episode 8


Episode #8 “Fiveteen Chances” (12/7/07): Thomas Bush, Darnell Brisco and special guest Colleen Faris. Songs/segments: “Sweetola-madoo,” very special announcement (almost), quiz, American Gladiators, return of Malibu, GRC workout plan, “Ruffles in my Muscles / Gangster’s Paradise,” “Guinness for Strength,” who Chris Faris is, caller Alex Moore of GRC East, Alex’s love life, protect the junk.

GRC in the Blogosphere, part 4: Jeers

good news

A Modest Mouse fan got a copy of Good News… Get Krunk and started an angry thread at a message board:

There’s a little love (thanks, by the way!), a lot of hate, and plenty of stock web hyperbole. A couple of notes about the album for those who are interested:

– The “Tiny Cities” remix preceded the album and is included only as a “bonus track.” I don’t think a lot of it, but I enjoy the Mark Wilkins sample so much that I stuck it at the end of the album anyway.

– All the real album tracks are comprised entirely of Modest Mouse music and Outkast vocals. I didn’t fill out any of the songs with drum and bass loops.

– If you like “Good News” and want more, there is a track on my second album that brings back the Modest Mouse/Outkast shtick: Another Krunk Track for the Barbee

Yay for shakin things up!

Season 5, Episode 7


Episode #7 “Cha-la-la-hanica” (12/7/07): Thomas Bush, Darnell Brisco and special guest Roxy Astemborski. Songs/segments: Awards memories, “The Hanukkah Song,” Quanza, “Oh, How the Children Sing,” the things you can give, “Darnell and the Princess,” Megaman Soccer, “Sexy Party,” “The Bodybuilding Song,” “Pi Beta Phi,” very special caller: Jeff Hall, “Last Train Ride Home,” special guest Matt Bush, Mwok Mnipopotende, “Persian Wedding Song.”

New Remix: “Mind’s Made Up / Morning Bell / 15 Step”

in rainbowsonce

Instead of posting to MySpace, I am making this one immediately available for download:

Gabe Durham“Mind’s Made Up / Morning Bell / 15 Step” (OR 7 Minutes in Catchy Yet Undanceable 5/4 Purgatory)”

This one is made of:

Radiohead – “15 Step,” “Morning Bell (Kid A),” “Morning Bell (Amnesiac),” “MK 1”
Once Soundtrack – “When Your Mind’s Made Up”
The Frames – “When Your Mind’s Made Up”
Dave Brubeck Quartet – “Time Out (live)”
Sufjan Stevens – “All Good Naysayers,” “Year of Our Lord,” “Come On! Feel the Illinoise!”
Simon and Garfunkel – “Cloudy”
Biodome 5 – “Voice Like a Shotgun”

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The Manual, Franklin the puppet, Shakespearean puns, and whether a Speak & Spell should be allowed to stand in for the voice of God.

michael ocean

Michael Ocean interviewed by Gabe Durham

Michael Ocean’s The Manual will be released by Nanaki Records on December 11, 2007. It is available for pre-order.

Gather Round, Children: You said that The Manual was based on the conclusion that “for an album to be truly great, it must teach its listeners how to live.” Could you unpack that statement and give a few examples of albums that have succeeded in this way?

Michael Ocean: Now, the idea was that if an album is going to be really great, and really change your life, you’d have to learn a lot about yourself when you listen to it over and over again. “Pinkerton” was the first one for me. It taught me a lot about how not to live, actually. But it also taught me a lot about myself… like the extent to which a guy would go to get a certain girl. I mean, scaring the girl by writing a song for her like “Getchoo” is definitely not how to win her over, but it taught me just how far I might go sometimes… Queen’s “A Night At The Opera” is another one. That one teaches the listener a whole mess about vices. There’s songs like “I’m In Love With My Car,” which would be false idolatry, and “Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon” would represent gluttony, in a way. And what’s at the end of the road if you follow vice… I’m thinking specifically of “Bohemian Rhapsody” when I say, “the end of the road.” It goes to a lot of dark places, and hopefully, people can learn from that.

Yeah, the “Pinkerton” songs are either Rivers making a bad decision or chastising himself for having made bad decisions. Plus he saved many of us potential heartbreak by letting us know what pink triangle symbolized. But I do hear the “how not to live” in your own lyrics, many which are straightforward protests. Did you decide early in on in the process that you wanted to write lyrics as naked as, say, “Cin”?

Yeah, I really did. When I started writing “Cin,” I was on a train with a pen and a pad, and I had a list of the most awful things that I had ever done in my head, and without specifically going into details about them in the song, I wanted to address the few biggest ones, clear the air, and say, ‘see, a real man can admit his mistakes, and I want so desperately to be a real man. Can you admit to yours?’ And I hope that people learn from that.

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