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Dark Sky Magazine #14

WHAT?? New issue of Dark Sky Magazine with writing by Katie Jean Shinkle, Blake Kimzey, Jason Larson, Corey Eastwood, Katherine V. Seger, Joseph Musso, Ryan Bender-Murphy, Brett DeFries, Friedrich Kerksieck, EC Belli, Thibault Raoult, and Zach Savich. Art by Sarah Pater. Edited by Christy Crutchfield, Brian Mihok, Sarah Boyer, Ted Powers, and myself. HERE.

AND LOOK: Already every water cooler is talking about Larson’s saucy BURTS.

Also in the issue is a new kind of book review Zach Savich and I invented after he described a book to me in great detail without ever mentioning the author’s name.

Here’s his: Sun Stuck Like Gum on a Chip of Brick

Here’s mine: “Love, Love, Lovin It” Says the Tree Canyon River Review

The next issue will feature some more of these reviews, so if you think you might like to write one, email me at gabe AT darkskymagazine DOT com and I’ll fill you in.

Also out is the newest of NOÖ so LETS SETTLE IN and READ UP.

9/22/11 – The Day of Much Muffingate Speechifying

Turned out this $16 muffin story was a bust, but on 9/22/11, we didn’t know that. It was Hilton’s word vs. everyone else’s, and some among us had reason to relish the hunt for stories of extreme government excesses.

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9/22/11 – The Day Vesta Williams Passed Away

Yesterday evening after dinner, I began the actual writing on a new project I’ve spent the last couple of months preparing for: A book about Thursday, September 22, 2011.

I picked the day beforehand, and not for any significance the day held for me, but because it was just a day, any day. And then the day came and, turns out, a number of interesting things happened.

So, in the brave tradition of radically shifting the tone and regularity of this blog to suit my whims, I will occasionally in the coming months link over to some of my more interesting 9/22 findings.

Finding #1: Monday’s post, which linked to a story about an old Japanese Star Wars Nintendo game.

Finding #2: 9/22/11 was the day we lost Vesta Williams, an R&B singer with a killer range whose career peaked in the late 80’s.

Here’s her 1989 signature hit, “Congratulations,” a ballad about hearing through a friend that a former lover is getting married:

And here’s “Once Bitten, Twice Shy,” an uptempo hit with the opening line, “Your name is Dracula / You suck the life right out of me.” Even if you don’t watch the whole thing, make sure to check out the stop-motion “chase around the pool” sequence that begins at the 2:10 mark.

I wasn’t familiar with Vesta before I read her obituary, and now I’ve listened to each of these songs a few times each. Which brings me to one of the true motivators of the 9/22 project: I like having a professional excuse to root around through old music videos on youtube.

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– More Dark Sky biz: Kevin Murphy vs. M Thompson at Hobart

– Anne Holmes, Lily Laedwig, Gale Thompson: They have books coming out!

– Thanks to everybody who came to see me read with Matthias and Emily. After a year in Nashville, it was kind of miraculous to see a big room like the upstairs of Amherst Books fill up. FUN CAMP is going away for awhile so that it can return as a book in a year and a  half.

– This is my favorite piece Matthias read that night: The one on “Seeingers.”

– Liz sneaked over to Flying Object yesterday and filled out the James Hoag section of our home library.

– Have you heard this amazing new Wilco song, Art of Almost? Have you made sure to ignore the rest of the album? (That’s not fair, I haven’t even listened to the whole thing…)

– My favorite scene in Star Wars is the one where Luke Skywalker fights the shark.