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New Album Out Today!

The Sufjan Stevens-inspired remix album For the Beasties in the Burroughs, For the Beatles in Britain is now available. All tracks are up on the “Music” page along with album art (adapted from Sufjan Stevens’ “Enjoy Your Rabbit” cover), track list. Thanks to for existing, to for holding the “Wilderness” contest and to Liz for listening to songs over and over.

– Gabe, GRC

The Last of the Tracks

Here they are, complete, glorious:

1. The Shadow Has A Good Long Laugh About His Knowledge: An interlude from a 30’s radio show.

2. I’d Like To Know (One Serious Remix): Tom’s dance hit gets a melancholy makeover.

3. Turn Out the Light / Blue Coal Advertisement: The addition is the old-time radio at the end of the track.

4. Another Krunk Track for the Barbee OR How to Milk Your One Great Idea A Little More: Just like the old version minus the swears.

5. Wilderness (Tried Your Darndest Award Recipient, 2006): Actually, this one is the same as before.

State of the Children

1. Touches are being put on the new songs. Soon they will have titles, new funky bass lines, cover art, and the addition of a little ambient filler in the proper Sufjan tradition. Currently, the album’s title is “For the Beatles in Britain, For the Beasties in the Burroughs”. (It’s like that song that goes, “I did everything for you…”) For now, enjoy the tracks that have already been posted. Many of them have been updated since their first appearance.

2. “The Gather Round Children Show” – New season coming soon!

Turn this turn this party out.

Ch Check It Out: The second Beastie Boys song on the album explores the darker side of Beck’s The Information, featuring frills by Paul Simon, Matt Highfield, Noe Venable and (of course) Sufjan.

The new album grows into full-length LP territory.

Chicagoes: This track remixes Sufjan Stevens with Sufjan Stevens with Sufjan Stevens with the Supremes. Listen close for a couple of extra singers.

Murder in the Alley Behind the Malibu Theatre

Lots of Oscar buzz about my performace in the runaway indie hit, The Murder of Kitty Genovese. I was even up for Best Actor for a little while there, but then they nominated Cambry Pardee for Best Actor because he’s a bigger name (even though he had LESS time on screen), so I guess it’ll be Best Supporting Actor for me this year.

Written/Directed by Scott Smith

Also Starring: Liz Trimble, Brent Schackmann, Heather Scott, Sarai Small and Scott Smith.

Look out for subtext, everybody, it’s not just another video Scott made for the Billy Corgan fanclub.

Review: Stella Season One DVD

Apps: Done.

Job: Found.

Excuses Not To Write Articles: None.

A new Daytrotter piece just came out, featuring sweet artwork:  Stella: Learning to Laugh Without Cues.

Took and he ate up all of my corn.

Sloop John B The Beach Boys reinvented as a Wrens/Editors/Weezer rock band. Cause nobody ever said harmonies don’t mix with distortion. Nobody you and I hang out with.



My life, right out of Saramago’s Blindness. Matt’s photo inspired me to write my own book, A World Where Only Burgers Are In Color.

For Michael Nevarrrrez, for Michael Alahouzos…

…and everybody else who enjoyed “Good News…Get Krunk”.

Skew It On the Barbee: It’s a brand new track featuring Modest Mouse and Outkast, but it’s got an ending that bridges the gap from the old album to the new.