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Fun Camp Review in Puerto del Sol & New Boss Fight Excerpt at Kotaku

Kelsie Hahn published part of FUN CAMP in a previous issue, interviewed me for their blog, and has now reviewed the book in the new print issue:

As each new day of the week arises, announced in bold font like the chime of a bronze bell counting down the hours, you can’t believe how much of the week has already gone. You can’t believe how much you don’t want it to end.

You can read the PDF here.


Also, Michael P. Williams and I hard at work on his book, Chrono Trigger, and we just released an early chapter at Kotaku.

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“On September 22, 2011” at PANK

There’s a new essay of mine up at PANK, another from the Sept 22 project. This one’s largely about the workday dread of me and my friends, but it also contains a scene in which a man does battle with a book of poetry:

A problem Matthew had with this book of poetry was that it seemed to just demonstrate the boredom-as-point idea in a way that could be conveyed in a single sentence. But where was the rest? The performance of it? There was a Mad Lib quality throughout in which even the “shocking” parts seemed mostly the pose of one saying, Look out: I am shocking you. Oh, but that was intentional pageantry and kitsch, which again played against Matthew’s middle class (middlebrow) expectations. Meaning if this was a tennis match, the book would be kicking his ass.

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