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Dark Sky Magazine #16

Big thanks as always to editors Christy Crutchfield, Sarah Boyer, Ted Powers, and Brian Mihok.

Yesterday morning’s deadline introduction to the issue:

What you’ll immediately notice upon reading our Spring Issue is that the science is sounder, the history more historical. Each of DSM’s 99 interns fact-checked these stories and poems with, Sons of Confederate Veterans, which is the only website I know of where a pop-up confederate soldier lectures me about courage. And that’s all I could ever want from the web, racism to tsk at and literature to love on. A good starting point in this issue would be reading the story or poem by the contributor who has most tenderly kissed your forehead, and then working your way down in order of decreasing tenderness. In this way, the issue will get better and better as you read on: The latter contributors really do love you, they just couldn’t be bothered to kiss you how you liked. They were in the middle of writing something good.


Head Meld

by Sarah Rose Etter

That Horse

by Sarah Norek

Personal Space

by Ross McMeekin

New and Better Things

by Jared Yates Sexton

The Place They Took Him

by Carroll Beauvais

Bomb Walk

by Tony Rickaby

We Were a Storybook Back Then

by Amber Sparks


Roanoke Avenue

by Jeff Hipsher

In the Mammal Room

by Kristen Evans

Our Plot

by Colin Winnette

Two Poems

by Morgan Eklund

The Sleeps

by Daniel D’Angelo

Poem for Jane Miller

by Joshua Marie Wilkinson

from Notes from the Daydreaming

by Benjamin Sutton


Groom Persona & The Laughing Neighbor

by Jack Christian


Not Advice, but Corroboration

by Staff

You’re right, I’m sorry, you’re welcome, hello.

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Liz has been planting seeds for awhile, and then it was this Elisa Gabbert post that put me over the edge, seeing all those four-star tweets together, undeniable.