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GRC 4: The One Where Jono Fights the Russian

The Gather Round Children Variety Show

A Lively Evening of Music and Lit For Kids 18 and Up

Saturday, November 7 – 8:00 pm (One week from tonight.)

MEF Community Room – 60 Masonic St, Northampton, MA – Same building as the Woodstar Cafe


Hot oboe: Anne C. Holmes

Hot fiction: Adam Cogbill

Hot guitar n singin: Sarah Malone and Jono Tosch

Hot threats: Mike Young

Hot poems: Boomer Pinches and Lesley Yalen

Behind-the-scenes making it happen: Elizabeth Durham and Ben Kopel

From here one might send, in the name of the Holy Trinity, as many slaves as could be sold…

Guys, there’s no right or wrong way to worship Columbus. He hears your prayers as long as you mean them.

The Lifted Brow 6 AKA The Atlas Issue is available for pre-order. It’s got an excerpt from DFW’s The Pale King and two CDs of lyrically international music. My thematic contribution will either be Brazil or the Equator, depending.

Great new story at Annalemma: The Enormous St. Blog by Phil Christman

Heather Christle, new book, new poems, sad bunny.

Nic Sansone, new book, God as noir slickster, Sistine chapel.

Elliot Harmon, great reader/reciter, nice guy, ms. pac man.

The Last Book I Loved: I Remember

I have a short article on Joe Brainard’s I Remember up on the Rumpus blog.

It’s part of their The Last Book I Loved series. The “Last Book” archives are worth a look: Other contributors include Shane Jones, Catherine Lacey, Dave Eggers, Deb Olin Unferth, Aimee Bender, and many others.

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Rachel B. Book! Rachel’s stories delight me and many others. This will be a collection to own.

God, Jr., My Loose Thread, Sarah, footnote, spinning woman, Victory Lap

I’m off on a Dennis Cooper kick. Started with God, Jr., which I’m told is an odd introduction–depressed and high Dad who accidentally killed his son builds his son a monument based drawings of a mysterious building in his son’s favorite video game. I loved it. It’s another one of those short novels that, like The Living End, has three distinct parts that changes the rules as soon as you settle into what feels like a pace. It also has the best video game descriptions I’ve ever read in fiction.

I went from that to My Loose Thread, which is supposed to be more of Cooper’s thing–the car wreck you can’t turn away from. Confused, violent gay teens run amok. I loved this one too. Loved it and was terrified by it. Sharp dialogue, extremely interior yet with lots of plot, section breaks doing a lot of work. I read one awful review that spent most of its words repeating that the book is tough to follow–it’s not. Then I read this one, which had a lot of great things to say.

Both books have small subplots about hiring communicators with the dead–a guy with a typewriter in one, a pair with a digital recorder in the other–to try to get comforting messages from them, and in both books, surprise, the communicators fail to help. An interesting thread that I was surprised to see pop up in books otherwise so different from each other.

My friend and neighbor Sarah Malone has a new blog about lit and news, ready for enjoying.

I sought out one of my ML Press chapbooks to see what kind of length I might want to submit, and the one I picked up was “footnote” by Jimmy Chen. Maybe I read it when I got it (I ordered the first 3 on a lark because they were/are so cheap), but apparently not so carefully, and at the time I didn’t have the benefit of having read Jimmy’s Typewriter or Wallace’s Infinite Jest.

In the guise of a short story, “footnote” is one of the best-crafted DFW tributes I’ve read in the wake of his death. It’s an homage in the best way. Instead of imitating the chatty, overexplainy bits, Jimmy imitates the emotionally rich “this is how it feels in my head” bits that are more resistable to imitators because they are harder to do:

It hurts so much to be fleshy & whole, a mound of pizza dough unused by other hands

A brain can only host so many concerns, so many ants going back to the queen.

You can read the whole chapbook and many others if you get the annual book, MLP: First Year.

Ryan MacDonald made this great video out of his own writing and Wonder Woman clips.

George Saunders keeps wowing. This should surprise no one, but still, wow. Victory Lap. Read it, please.

Thus, the decade toward the end you have already been nobody does not worry up to a new mashup, but to what it is now are, indeed, it does not.

I’m combining my last mini-post with some new developments. First, the old stuff:

A couple of nice blog posts about Rigid Rumors:

“absolutely rules” – Michael Ocean

“something for everyone” … “more musical chairs than mash-ups” – Dave, Planet Mondo

Thanks, also, to Hungarian music blog Quart for what I’m almost sure is a nice write-up of Rigid Rumors that, has, nice or nay, brought over some traffic. Not a fluent speaker of Hungarian, I put Google Translator to work and got this:

Towards the end of the decade, so you have no one turns me on a new mashup, but it is what I recommend, not the fact. Gabe Durham: Rigid Rumors say that’s here to download not just another album, they recorded a 4-11 (!) Condense with each other, but because it actually creates new songs from them. The song will say, but the rest have építőkockákként rakosgatja Gabe Durham side by side, often only one element highlighted in the eredetikből. And is also different from the average mashupoktól to a large extent not exhibitionist, feltűnősködő, but specifically fine (although it was decided húzású) pieces is amikből the strings, folk guitars, or even the Take Five or hanging out. The only bonus to the description of the list of speakers led to the fact that “roughly descending order of importance,” and then begins: Bjork, Biggie Smalls, Radiohead, Andrew Bird, Outkast, MIA., Josh Ritter, The Swell Season, Madonna, Glen Phillips, The National, TV on the Radio, LCD Soundsystem. (Yes, there are Paper Planes, but it we get a new one, and why, in this environment, the legelviselhetőbb Bjork). He is still The Beatles, Animal Collective, Beyonce, Kanye West, Daft Punk, Simon and Garfunkel, Arcade Fire, Ella Fitzgerald and Beck. The Gather Round Children download more remixes, more like the earlier ones in the usual mashups. Gather Round Children and on the “band” album is more free, but they consist of boys and girls that plays the guitar and stupid énekelgetnek and röhögcsélnek while.

I’ll give you “plays the guitar and stupid… while”! Undeterred by the fact that the untranslated words seem to be the really important ones, I let confuse me further:

Thus, the decade toward the end you have already been nobody does not worry up to a new mashup, but to what it is now are, indeed, it does not. Gabe Durham: Rigid Rumors headed here can be downloaded from say that not only to other plate, because they are recorded a 4-11 bang other compress up, but because: it shall take a new numbers set up these. The song say remains, but the residue has already been építőkockákként rakosgatja side by side Gabe Durham, often only one element highlighting the eredetikből. And they also differs from the average mashupoktól, that does not also largely magamutogató, feltűnősködő, but specifically fine (although it has decided to húzású) darabokról is concerned, the vonósok-, folkos guitars, and even, whether or not the Take Five dawdle. The only have already been bonus, that the description of the list of artists should be introduced by, that “roughly descending order of priority”, and then he begins: Bjork, Biggie Smalls, Radiohead, Andrew bird, Outkast, MIA, Josh, a swell the season, Madam, Glen Phillips, the National, TV on the radio, LCD Soundsystem. (Yes, there is Paper Planes, but succeed him a new archive her; and I say, Björk in this context re) at a later date is still Beatles, animal Collective, Beyoncé, Kanye West, Daft Punk, and Simon and Garfunkel, Arcade Fire, Ella Fitzgerald and Beck. The gather round Children approach can be downloaded from even more “remix”, have rather than the normal are similar to those mashupokra. Or is the gather round Children “zenekarnak” of more plate free of charge, but they are, with a view to srácok and girls gitároznak and he énekelgetnek and while röhögcsélnek.

Easier? Harder? I’ll go with harder. Unfortunately, the internet is better at translation party than actual translation. Unless you want to pay money. Which I don’t. Thanks to Dave, Michael, and Quart!