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Fun Camp Invades Poland

Wow, hey, there are EIGHT NEW FUN CAMPS up in the new Spring Issue of FriGG. Thanks to Ellen Parker for publishing these shorts. Here’s part of one:

There are limits to what a deft urbanite woman can barricade in the name of godly repute. Is my point. Boy here likes you, he throws you in a pool. Boy here really likes you, God hums your name in his ear just as his dreams start to boil, then he approaches you somber at Quiet Time with big news he implies you can’t decline.

Contributors: Mike Berger, Anthony Bromberg, Lara Candland, Joshua Ben-Noah Carlson, Gabe Durham, Elizabeth P. Glixman, Shane Graber, Jac Jemc, Rachel McKibbens,  Alec Niedenthal, Nanette Rayman Rivera,Sarah Sarai, Marc Vincenz

FriGG is hot off the heels of an awesomely specific theme issue dedicated entirely to the show Law & Order.

In other news, a Fun Camp short is coming out in Wigleaf this summer, four are coming out in Pank, and five are coming out in TLB7.

Speaking of, you can already read Jensen Beach’s great Lifted Brow contribution, Africa, along with Diane Williams charting her weird course.

Film 401 – Robotic Pitfalls in Contemporary Cinema

Got a new thing I wrote called Film 401 – Robotic Pitfalls in Contemporary Cinema up on the comedy site Defenestration.

This piece goes out to my main lady, Liz, who can’t stand Will Smith.

Here’s a little taster:

Because a three-hour class can be grueling, I allow the EATRs to feed during the break between movie and discussion. I find it disconcerting, though, to watch the robots empty bottles of live moths and grasshoppers into their awaiting mouths, to say nothing of the disposal-like grinding sound of their feeding or the inappropriately pleasant ding that their batteries make when recharged. Worst of all: Even as they feed, my students seem programmed or otherwise inclined to keep their glowing eyes on me at all times.

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Short Now up at A cappella Zoo – Hard Year for Everybody

A cappella Zoo has graciously posted my Fun Camp short, Hard Year for Everybody, along with about half of the rest of the print issue. Get some.

notnostrums Issue #4 is Live + Remix Camp

The issue has four of my Fun Camp shorts in it along with new stuff by:

Jensen Beach, Brian Mihok, James Haug, Jessica Fjeld, Matthew Rohrer, Dorothea Lasky, Marc Rahe, Boomer Pinches, Daniel Khalastchi, Emily Kendal Frey, Brian Foley, Alex Phillips, Rosanne Wasserman, Mike Young, Jen Tynes, Carson Cistulli, Matt Hart, Blueberry Morningsnow, Michael Comstock

I’m glad the issue is out because now I can do a post that’s been in my “draft” folder for months. I remixed all my notnostrums shorts for pleasure and profit:

1. I put “Outfromers” into wordle and retitled it “booze donuts.”

Wordle: booze donuts

2. “Everything I Know,” I turned into a comic strip featuring a guy much unlike how the voice of the piece feels to me:

3. I gave “Safe Place” the Landman-Leidner xtranormal treatment. (Doesn’t embed or I don’t know how.)

4. Finally, I turned “Think Fast” into a poem with a little help from translation party:

I can get something for my son.

How many sons? In the head

just behind your head,

after the dial-up speeds up

to maintain these things,

I can get something for my son.

Murphy’s good with a razor,

but to speed these things now,

would be to tap the legend for dogs.

Your mother is one large bed,

each room and one single bed.

I can get statistics, statistics and

murder, domestic support and apples.

Two pins. One to lock the closet, one

to talk like a grenade. Occam:

I’m doing something wrong.


One for the baby book–my first AWP. Very excited to meet many online people I’m told exist in the world and to hang out on location with friends I see in person on a regular basis.

At the book fair, Jack Christian and I will man the UMass Press table. Come on by! I won’t be able to tell you much about our titles but I will sell them to you for 30% off. (Or, on Saturday, more than 30% off.)

I’m also doing an elevator reading that Bradley Sands put together. From Bradley’s post:

And introducing the Bust Down the Door and Eat All the Chickens Reading Series: Elevator-permitting, a few of our contributors will read their short work during various times throughout the book fair. Meet at HTMLGIANT’s table at the specified times if you would like to be a listener. Space is extremely limited.

Ryan Bradley (Thursday, 12 PM)
Amelia Gray (Thursday, 1:30 PM)
Matthew Simmons (Friday, 1…:30 PM)
Mike Young and Gabe Durham (doubleheaders, mystery time and mystery day)

Best thing to do to catch my elevator reading would be to not let me out of your sight.

Two New FC Shorts in A cappella Zoo and decomP

Got my contributor copy of A cappella Zoo in the mail, featuring a Fun Camp short called “Hard Year for Everybody.” It’s got new stuff by Ben Loory, J.A. Tyler, Amber Sparks, and many others, and it looks great. There are also a couple of stories in both their original language and translation. There’s something nicely disarming about opening up a new journal and seeing pages of Hebrew.

In more immediately gratifying news, another Fun Camp short called Remember to Breathe just went up in the new issue of decomP.

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NOÖ Weekly 3: Coyote Island

Come see! I guest edited an issue of NOÖ Weekly featuring a new story by Brain Baise and two new poems by Sarah Boyer.

When I asked Sarah Boyer to send me some poems, I didn’t know was that this would be her publishing debut, I just knew that I’d been in a class with her in which I saw her poems nail it week after week. But it’s a debut I’m honored to herald. Boyer’s a lover of the untrustworthy couplet with double line breaks you can honor or burn right through. The kind of poem you can read in a loud, cocky voice, or could slow way down. They’re populated with somebodies we may or may not meet again. They are frightening and funny. When the speaker goes, “I want to yell go / be a gym teacher,” it’s like a threat I didn’t know could be a threat. This is a taste. Search out more. It’s not there yet but will be.

I solicited a story from Brian Baise because of a story called “It’s Nice When Someone is Excited to See You” that appeared in McSweeney’s #29. Rarely am I knocked out by a single story in a journal the way I was by that one. It’s funny and sneaky and sharp and tender, and it demands at least a second read. But first, read this new one, “The Coyote,” for which I’ll gladly trot out all the same descriptors. This is prose that knows when to perform and knows when to get out of the way. Baise’s got a knack for writing his way into the headspace of these small oblivious men and the jerks who tolerate them. The humor/pain of his stories exists in the gap between how these men see themselves and how the world sees them.

Thanks, Brian and Sarah, for contributing, and thanks, y’all, for reading.

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