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Athletes spill details on dirty secrets in the Olympic Village – ESPN The Magazine – ESPN

You’ve already read this, right? You’ve GOT to read this. I want to give you an excerpt or two, but nearly every third sentence is amazingly pull-quotable and I just can’t choose. Just go read it.

My contribution to Dan Bailey’s NEW WORLD POETRY series.

Patriotic Uke Concert i attended.

“Miss Me” functions as the missing link that makes it possible that The Wrens and pop-punk Drive-Thru could have ever been courting each other.

A few times a year I go back and listen to the early Drive-Thru Records Sampler versions of “Boys, You Won’t” (“Miss Me”) and “This Boy is Exhausted.” Rare for a track to get less slick, less studio as it evolves, but both of these did.

Nicholson Baker Radio

Excellent archive of conversations between Nicholson Baker and Michael Silverblatt:

1991 – U & I

1992 – VOX

1994 – The Fermata

1996 – The Size of Thoughts

1998 – The Everlasting Story of Nory

2001 – Double Fold

2009 – The Anthologist

Interesting to hear Baker’s voice change across 20 years of interviews. Baker’s collection is the most extensive, but the many others include Acker, DFW, Barth, and Stanley Crawford. Terrific archive to dip into as I make my way through his catalog.

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“Bold Looks”

Liz and I were laughing about this the other day. The New York Times thinks watercolor is edgy:

Teenagers are still reading the classics. They just don’t want them to look so, well, classic.

That is the theory of publishers who are wrapping books like “Emma” and “Jane Eyre” in new covers: provocative, modern jackets in bold shades of scarlet and lime green that are explicitly aimed at teenagers raised on “Twilight” and “The Hunger Games.

Nice, yeah. But bold? Twilighty?

Terrible Things That Almost Happened

New video I made: Heroes saving people featuring looped commentary track.

Coen Brothers Movies From Least Favorite to Favorite

(Idea via Nerve.)

The Ladykillers

Intolerable Cruelty

The Hudsucker Proxy

Burn After Reading

The Man Who Wasn’t There

A Serious Man

Barton Fink

Blood Simple

O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Miller’s Crossing

True Grit


Raising Arizona

No Country for Old Men

The Big Lebowski

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On Reading a Nondescript Erotica Near a Woman Reading Overt Erotica

I’ve just written my contribution to Shome Dasgupta’s ever-growing On Reading Series:

“Every library with a Banned Books shelf knows that reading is best when it feels like a subversive act. A few weeks ago, I bought and read Nicholson Baker’s The Fermata (the Vintage paperback with its innocuous, literal cover) while on a vacation with my wife and parents. It was privately funny to me to be reading such a raunchy book so secretly and yet so out in the open.” [Read on.]

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“Make sure it would not cost $18.”

Talking MLP & FUN CAMP over at the newly launched LitBridge.