Monthly Archives: March 2010

New Short at Monkeybicycle

Got a new short called Should You Rather accepted and immediately published on this month’s edition of Monkeybicycle’s One-Sentence Stories. Also, read the first one, “The Failed Time Machine,” by Ryan Ridge. This series is a lot of fun: check out the archive for more.

Variety Post

Thanks to Dark Sky for including a Fun Camp, in this week’s Recommended Reading roundup!

Lots to like in the new issue of elimae. Christy Crutchfield’s What if I Told You I Lost the Baby Again is getting deserved attention–Orange Alert likes it and Mel Bosworth reads it.

Wear contacts when seeing 3D movies. The double-glasses approach is headache-inducing  and weighs down the bridge of your nose. Doubt I’d have loved Alice in Hero’s Journey Autopilot anyway, but the double-glasses thing soured all chances.

The inaugural issue of NOO Weekly went up this week with Nat Otting as guest editor. My issue is coming later this month. Not going to give anything away but it’s going to be sweet.

Related–NOO #11 has a great story in it: The Only Thing Good is the Moon by Craig Greenman

Also coming soon: A couple of camp collaborations between me and Lydia Conklin for the DVD-style Bonus Features of Hobart #11.

Got back from a road trip on which I listened to Stanley Tucci reading Vonnegut’s Breakfast of Champions. Really well done. I didn’t finish, though, so I started reading from where the CD left off and it’s just not as good on paper. The drawings feel too jokey and the jokes themselves read as blunt and more obvious. Made me respect the reading all the more.

Wit of Winston

Up at web funny dominator Yankee Pot Roast, I’ve got a series of seven Winston Churchill anecdote remixes called Wit of Winston. Here’s one of them:

Winston Churchill once found himself in the home of his sharp-tongued political opponent, Lady Astor. Over coffee, she remarked, “Winston, if I were your wife, I’d put poison in your coffee.”

Churchill replied, “Nancy, if I were your husband, I would seriously shoot myself in the head with a gun.”

Stuff I’m in is available for pre-order.


Nano Fiction Volume 3 Number 2. $7. Also, they made my Fun Camp short, Apology + Opportunity, into their teaser excerpt, so you can read 1/3 of my contribution right now. Why wait?

A cappella Zoo Issue 4. Big issue for $7. Order yours in the next 3 weeks and they’ll throw in Issue 1 too!

Hobart’s Great Outdoors Issue ($10 for the issue or $18 for a year’s subscription) Featuring outdoorsy stuff by Mike Alber, Lydia Conklin, Lucy Corin, Curtis Dawkins, Matthew Derby, Gabe Durham, B.C. Edwards, Scott Garson, Becky Hagenston, Steve Himmer, Christopher Kennedy, Meghan Kenny, Peter Markus, Adam Peterson, Steven Rinella, Shya Scanlon, Patrick Somerville, Eliza Tudor, Gabriel Urza, Elise Winn.

Unrelated but nice–Pete Anderson of Pete Lit said nice things about my Complete Genealogy chapbook:

Durham writes in an easy, whimsical and very funny style, with protagonists who are just barely this side of loserdom but still inspire empathy in the reader. I found myself pulling for each one of them, even while fully aware that their lives will all fall just a bit short of the mark.

Thanks, Pete!