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Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough

I just posted Chaper 8 of Lolita, Scrubbed. It’s the first longish chapter in the book and features the famous first cab driver/wife’s lover, which goes largely unchanged except for Gerard’s downplaying of Humbert’s muderous rage.

New online stories are coming soonish from Bust Down the Door and Eat All the Chickens and You Must Be This Tall to Ride. You can read about the YMBTTR anthology here, which has a pretty amazing lineup of contributors, each of whom wrote craft essays to go along with their stories.

Facts: Michael Jackson wowed me as a kid with his “people shifting into other people” music video. Captain Nemo was my first 3D movie. The moonwalk is magic. Everybody had a great time dancing to Billie Jean at my wedding, some 2 years and 2 days ago.

Insatiable Decalogue at Yankee Pot Roast

A new/old piece, Insatiable Decalogue (previously called “Ten Morality Stories…”) is now up at the comedy site, Yankee Pot Roast.

They print some funny stuff. Here’s one from last week I like a lot: “How I Unwind” by Mot Trablett (“THIS GLASS OF ICED TEA IS MY GOD NOW.”)

Also: I just posted Chapter 2 over at Lolita, Scrubbed. Stay tuned next week for Chapters 3, 4, and 5.


New Blog: One Isn’t Enough

Friends: I hope you will join me at my new blog, Lolita, Scrubbed, where I have begun to serialize a new edit of Nabokov’s Lolita based on the taste and whims of Gerard Kibbey, a guy I made up. Watch and cringe as Kibbey has his way with one of the greatest novels of the century that just happened.

I’m shooting for verisimilitude here, so I won’t use my name on the blog itself. This is not to trick people into thinking Gerard Kibbey is a real person, but instead to create a self-contained fictional space. (I briefly considered starting the blog in character while never owning up to it, but I think the “Is he, like, serious, dude?” concerns that could arise would be both distracting and done-to-death.

If you’d like to follow along with the original, there is a free full-text PDF edition of the original Lolita here.

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New Remix: Woke Me Up

This one transitions into “Prison for Jerks (Back to Cali),” the album closer. Like “Yoko in Idaho,” it’s not going to be a dance-hall favorite, but instead another chance to showcase Bjork’s voice over Andrew Bird’s instrumentals.

Woke Me Up (at MySpace)

It’s composed of:

Bjork – Sonnets/Unrealities XI
Andrew Bird – You Woke Me Up!
Andrew Bird – Master Sigh
Andrew Bird – The Barn Tapes
Andrew Bird – Carrion Suite
Andrew Bird – Imitosis
Andrew Bird – Skin Is, My
Kanye West – Love Lockdown

I also added the Madonna remix to the MySpace roster. It’s now retitled “No Beatbox in Baseball.”

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