Monthly Archives: September 2014

Enter Title Here.

Busy times! Everywhere but poor Gather Round Children.

I edited some more books:

ZZT by Anna Anthropy

Galaga by Michael Kimball

Jagged Alliance 2 by Darius Kazemi

I got some friends together to help me read at a big Fun Camp night:


I read at Stories as part of Echo Park Rising.

I’ve been doing some improv.

I’ve been writing a new book.

I’ve been getting to know my new neighborhood, Highland Park.

I discovered this song. I rediscovered soyrizo.

I committed “B.O.B.” to memory and can rap it fast. I’m not joking.

I’m lining up the next season of Boss Fight.

Next month (Oct 17-18) I’ll be a visiting writer at Virginia Tech’s writing festival, Glossolalia.

Next month I’ll meet my nephew.

I filmed a thing with some friends this week. It took all night.