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I know a lot of people throw up a donate button on their websites. But what we could do is make a big donate button. Like a really big one. You know?

I have begun editing Dark Sky Magazine.

Look at our masthead page. Also editing: Christy Crutchfield, Sarah Boyer, Brian Mihok, Ted Powers

Kevin Murphy and Brian Allen Carr and I talk about it a little. Then we lose our train of thought. Then we catch it. Nope, lost it.

First issue is due in about a month.

Kevin and Brian will focus on putting out books by Jensen Beach and Ryan Ridge.

If you are a writer of fiction, poetry, or essays, please consider sending some writing to Dark Sky. Here is our submissions page. If you are a visual artist, same deal.

Keyhole 11 is going to be great. Last week, Peter sent me a cover he’d designed. It looks awesome. But it is my last issue as editor. Someone else is taking over the magazine, I believe, but it’d be premature to say more than that.

Earlier this week, I ordered a “tall” coffee instead of a large coffee at Haymarket and I thought, OH NO, I AM TRAPPED IN AN ANECDOTE FROM 1997!

Reading THIS FRIDAY at Amherst Books

Thanks to Brian Foley for asking me to read in Amherst this Friday night. Please join us! – Gabe
Friday, September 30
Amherst Books


reading to Celebrate the release of Mathias Svalina’s I AM A VERY PRODUCTIVE ENTREPENEUR, out now from Mud Luscious Press –

The 15 Best National Songs

From Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers: Murder Me Rachel

From Alligator: Secret Meeting, Lit Up, Mr. November

From Boxer: Fake Empires, Slow Show, Apartment Story, Ada, Green Gloves

From High Violet: Bloodbuzz Ohio, Lemonworld, England, Terrible Love, Anyone’s Ghost, Little Faith

Okay, your turn.

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