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Wit of Winston – Episode 4

WIT OF WINSTON explores the life of Churchill anecdote by anecdote. In this fourth episode, Winston Churchill defends his inebriation to rival Bessie Braddock. DO HIS QUIPS GET STRONGER THE MORE HE DRINKS?

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Wit of Winston – Episode 3

In this third episode, Winston Churchill tells his good friend Gary Sinise about a dinner party he attended. HOW DID THE DINNER PARTY GO? AND HOW WILL WINSTON HANDLE GARY’S BOLD PROCLAMATION OF FRIENDSHIP?

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Wit of Winston – Episode 2

In this second episode, Winston Churchill faces an old woman who approves of neither his politics nor his moustache. HOW WILL HE ZING HIS WAY OUT OF THIS ONE?

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Wit of Winston – Episode 1

All year I’ve been working on a book. A couple of weeks ago, I got to a good stopping point and took a breather. And for the first time ever, I found myself with access to both Photoshop and Final Cut.

So, as anyone in my position would do, I decided to make some YouTube videos loosely based on the life of Winston Churchill. Please enjoy the first installment of “Wit of Winston,” my gift to History.

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Churchill Can’t Lose

My piece, Wit of Winston, made Splitsider’s list, The Year’s Best Humor Writing.

Here’s Rebecca O’Neal on the piece: “Was Winston Churchill a cad? If his characterization in this piece is to be believed, he wasn’t the just orator we’ve been made to believe he was. Of course, this is all made up — and reminds me of my favorite SNL impersonations, the ones that have little to do with the people they lampoon. There’s comedy in accuracy and exaggeration, but absurdity is so much more fun — The Onion’s notoriously ridiculous take on Joe Biden for example.”

I discovered Splitsider a few months ago when they recruited past Simpsons staff writers for Classic Simpsons Week.

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