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Interview Season

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It’s all happening.

Tobias Carroll interviewed me in Vol. 1 Brooklyn, mostly about FUN CAMP and also about Boss Fight Books.

Adam Robinson did a Q&A with me in What Weekly in anticipation of my Baltimore reading.

GameTrailers had me on their video podcast Invisible Walls to talk Boss Fight.

DJ Grandpa had me on his audio podcast to talk Boss Fight.

I answered a lot of questions about Boss Fight for Cubed3.

Lori Hettler interviewed me about Boss Fight for The Next Big Book Blog.

Matthew O’Mara interviewed me about Boss Fight for The Financial Post.

Meanwhile, I did some Q&As with our Boss Fight authors. (But you’ve got to back Boss Fight to read them.)

Thanks to everybody who has taken the time to talk/email with me the last few weeks! It’s always fun.

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