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Scandal Threatens to Blot Out Previous GRC Triumphs

Tom received a shocking letter from **VS-*P radio today. [Names have partially been starred out to partially protect the guilty.] Really makes you wonder if this whole scandal is just petty revenge from one of the “Best Talk Radio” contenders from the 06-07 year. We at GRC feel that their time would be better spent putting together a better radio show than creating false rumors.


Dear Founders and 3/5 members of Gather Round Children,
It has recently come to my attention that a sensitive, internal memo written by Professor Durham was inadvertently released to the public. I have had the chance to review this memo and have shared it with the board of directors and various respected colleagues here at KWVS-**. Needless to say, we are appalled by the manipulative and corrupt aspirations of Gather Round Children’s leadership. For years, we have faithfully trusted our own children’s upbringing to your care and believed that they were receiving the same love, care and affection that we give them daily; to be shown otherwise is truly heartbreaking. Additionally, the exposure of your moral depravity confirms our enlightened suspicions that the very foundation of our society, the family unit, has been poisoned. For this reason, we will reinstate a more controlled K***-LP environment which forbids secular music and worldly influence.

Lastly, we have begun an investigation into the severity of your infractions. I have volunteered to chair the committee and will personally dive into the archives to review each song, rant, and discussion; I do not have time for any deduction, so I will interpret every message at face value. During this investigation, we have suspended your award for the “Best Talk Show for 2007.” Permanent revocation and further discipline will be decided upon at a later time. Your cooperation in this matter is appreciated.


***** *****
Director, K***-L*
Professor of harmonic literacy, Pepper**** University

P.S. Hey guys! I purchased the “Best of” albums for seasons 1, 2, and 3 a while ago (awesome!), and I was wondering if you could maybe send over a couple of copies of the “Gather Round Children On-air Bloopers” and the new “Best of GRC Improv?” I need to get these and my sister Martha wanted a copy for her kids. Thanks!

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Big Night For the Gather Round Children Show


Last night, GRC swept the KWVS 101.5 Music Awards:

Best Talk DJ – The Gather Round Children Show 

Best Personality*– Darnell Brisco

Sweetest Smile* – Gabe Durham

Best Dressed* – Thomas Bush

Best Special Guest* – Mark Wilkins

We didn’t have as much time for shout-outs as we would have liked, so here they are now. Thanks to all the fans for recognizing that what we do is really important. We absolutely could still do it without you, but it’s fun to dump callers and occasionally nice to know that we make a difference. Thanks to our many special guests… sorry you didn’t ALL win the coveted Best Special Guest Award, but it’s something to keep your eye on for next year. Thanks to all our Mamsies. Biggie Smalls, I know you were smiling down on us last night.  Finally, big thanks to the show that Gather Round, Children has tried to emulate: The Today Show with Matt Lauer.

* These awards were given to individual members of GRC by other members of GRC. Don’t judge. It’s just the Oscars on a smaller scale. But the first award, that one is completely legit. It’s on a plaque. Look it up.