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Selected Parentheticals from Lawrence Wright’s “The Apostate: Paul Haggis vs. the Church of Scientology”

In order of appearance.

(Travolta, through a lawyer, called this account “pure fabrication.”)

(The church says that there are no fixed fees, adding, “Donations requested for ‘courses’ at Church of Scientology begin at $50 and could never possibly reach the amount suggested.)

(The church denies this.)

(Miscavige declined requests to speak to me, and Tommy Davis says that Miscavige did not attend the event.)

(Scientology denies that it obtained the information this way, and Davis produced an affidavit, signed by Scobee, in which she admits to having liasons…)

(Davis says that King’s name never came up.)

(The church says that blow drills do not exist.)

(Davis says that Sea Org members enter R.P.F. by their own choosing and can leave at any time; the manual labor maintains church facilities and instills “pride of accomplishment.”)

(Cruise’s attorney says that Cruise doesn’t recall meeting Marc.)

(The church calls Marc Headley dishonest, claiming that he kept seven hundred thousand dollars in profits after being authorized to sell Scientology camera equipment…)

(The church denies this characterization and “vigorously objects to the suggestion that Church funds inure to the private benefit of Mr. Miscavige.”)

(The church denies this.)

(The church denies Brousseu’s account.)

(Davis says he does not recall meeting Shannon, has never scrubbed a Dumpster, and has never had a need to borrow money.)

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