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Hell is a Fight Club Where Tyler Durden Never Stops Naming Rules

** People on Twitter love naming Fight Club rules. Here are some of them, presented without comment. **

RainnWilson ‏@rainnwilson

11th rule of Fight Club: “Bring something nice to share!”

Jimmy Strickland ‏@LittleJimmy61

First Rule of Sissy Fight Club: …stop…Stop It!…MOM!

Dallas Latos ‏@DallasLatos

The first rule of fight club: Twitter is not your diary.

Brendan McLaughlin ‏@btmclaughlin

The second rule of Fight Club is don’t even bother trying to pronounce “Palahniuk.”

Tiffanie ‏@suprimabella

First rule of fight club,is shut the fuck or I hurt u.

Axl Rosh ‏@Flyin_Ace_Axl

32nd rule of Fight Club is no peanut products are allowed at Fight Club!

Felicia Flambe ‏@FeliciaFlambe

The first rule of Chess Club is always call it Fight Club.

Shooter McGavin ‏@SpiffCorgi

Anybody tweeting me telling me the first rule of Fight Club… Just… You’re the worst type of people.

☠haunters mistress☠ ‏@haiimsammie

the third rule of fight club is that you brush your teeth at least twice a day.

zibsko ‏@YaavanoObba

First rule of pillow fight club is you don’t get your own pillow.

Baron Von Linguini™ ‏@VonLinguini

Third Rule of Fight Club: second Monday of every month we have a potluck. No store bought items. Sign up list to avoid duplicates. B.Y.O.B.

Peter Hughes ‏@phuggie

The second rule of fight club: No chicks with guns What if I get a hard on and wanna bone her? The Taliban win.. That’s what F’n happens

Piercing Blue ‏@piercing_blue

First rule of Fight Club is to love Tom Waits

Sunny Mabrey ‏@SunnyMabrey

Nobody ever talks about the 42nd rule of Fight Club (Don’t wear pantyho’ with peep toe)

Dr. Supervert ‏@eyepluckeramit

First rule of procrastination fight club is you avoid taking about rules as long as possible.

Dustin Shillolo ‏@Shillelagh108

The first rule of Baby Panda Fight Club is: PETA is gonna be pissed

ben waddell ‏@decimates

the third rule of fight club is that we can’t make fun of billy anymore because he told his mom last time + he has the only ps2 in our gang

TV’s Jonny Signfeld ‏@fastercamels

The first rule of Fight Club is no Girls spoilers.

Ross Kimball ‏@hirosskimball

6th rule of Fight Club: If your last name begins with a vowel, bring a dessert to share at club once a month.

Olivier Koster ‏@OlivierKoster

first rule of fight club: don’t break up via text

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