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Orange Alert Podcast #22 – I Went to the Woods

Jason Behrends kindly invited me to take part in the Orange Alert podcast series, which just went up today. At about 5:30, I read a few shorts. You can download the episode here or subscribe to the podcasts through the iTunes store.

The episode also has music and lit from:

* Gord Mackenzie: Excerpt from Walden
* Fops: Maple Mountain
* Moby: The Rain Falls And The Sky Shudders
* Cheyenne Marie Mize: Path
* Like Bells: Follow The Birds
* Mark R. Brand live from the Orange Alert Reading Series
* Soft Cat: Blackbirds
* Dreamend: Pink Cloud in the Woods
* Micah Ling: Excerpt from Sweetgrass
* Air Conditioning School: Wake Me Up

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