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Accidental NaNoWriMo Participant

I have a word document made of scenes from a potential short novel I’m working on. I use the word potential because it might go back to being a short story. The document was created on Oct 28, 2008, and as of yesterday, broke 15,000 words. In other words, November was productive.

Though this is well under a third of the NaNoWriMo‘s requisite 50,000 words, I still feel the need latch on their glory and feeling of accomplishment. I am the guy who ran a 10k, took a shower, then drove to the marathon finish line to jump and and down with the marathoners, celebrating our shared accomplishment.

Great job everybody we did it we did it we did it wooooooo we did it our fingers are the best wooooo we could easily get temp jobs yaaaaay wooo we did it we made words we did it great job oh man wooo wooo!

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