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A million people can blog it but I can blog it worse.

I voted Friday.

I chose the candidate who is marginally more popular in America and exponentially more popular abroad. The one whose death would not suddenly thrust the presidency into enormously incompetent hands. The one less inclined to be at war. The one with the cleaner campaign record. The one with an even temperament, who manages to keep himself from scowling. The one who doesn’t use the word eloquent as an insult. The one who will restore checks and balances to the federal government.

I also chose the one who broke his promise to stick to public financing.

I’m hopeful, nervous, all that. I’ll be glad for it to be over.

I’d also like for Nader to get his 5%. It would be good for democracy. It would make him less ignorable.

Liz showed me a YouTube video where celebs say “don’t vote,” then they say “vote.” It may have done some good. It came off as pretty smug. I hope Sasha Cohen watches it, sees how bad his contribution was, then dramatically sets a 100-pack of Borat staches ablaze in his backyard. This video is funnier.

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