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It was only recently that I made peace with the “like” button.

Mostly, it confused me before. Did we all need this much affirmation from each other?

Then Facebook changed it so that only a small percentage of your friends will have your posts appear in their feeds UNLESS the post gets likes and comments. (Or: Unless you pay them money.) Now I treat the “like” button as an “up” button, knowing that by liking something I am increasing others’ opportunities to see it. Conversely, if I don’t like it, I’m allowing it to disappear.

I generally hate the web 2.0 ethos of being shown what the numbers think I want to see based on my history, but in this case the upswing is that now liking has a purpose other than patting friends on the head.


200 pages in: 2666 is going great. The worst thing I can say about it is that Bolano cares more about dreams than I do.


I’ve been going to some stand-up shows lately, and if all the comedians I’ve seen asked me for advice in aggregate, I’d say this:

Stop over-narrating how your set is going. When a joke does not go over so well, don’t say, “Come on–seriously? Nothing?” or “I guess you guys are offended by jokes about [TOPIC],” or “I don’t know why I like that one because nobody else does,” or make any caustic remark about us (unless some audience members are actively being rude).

And when a joke does go over well, don’t say, “Oh you guys liked that one, did you?” Yes. We did like it. And then you kinda ruined it.

Either way, just keep going. Make us respect you by showing us you are not so fragile, that you will soldier on with or without us. Once we don’t feel like we have to take care of you, we can let loose and be the good audience you so want us to be.

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