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New Fun Camp Review in decomP + The Vouched Vouch

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Spencer Dew’s review of FUN CAMP is in the new issue of decomP. It’s one of those next level reviews that focuses less on good/bad and instead closely examines what the book is up to, folding the book into Dew’s own understanding of the world. It’s a real pleasure to read:

The Pumping Company is one of those bars that, at a certain hour, becomes a college bar, but earlier is a mix of alcoholics and working folks, people coming in alone to stare at the televisions or in pairs to complain about their jobs, or alone to get drinks bought for them or alone to complain about the jobs they’re currently on-shift at, down Broadway. Older people come in on dates, ordering the rancid pasta dishes. Younger people pre-drink with their cell phones in their hands, waiting for the real event, somewhere else.

Meanwhile the ambitious-and-expanding Vouched Books has indeed vouched for FUN CAMP: “This book will stain your lips with barrels of bug juice, callous your fingers from failed archery attempts, and give you the crisp thrill of a post-popsicle kiss: revel in the confusion and anarchy of summer camp.” They also included it on THE BEST SUMMER READING LIST EVER over at Scout Mob.

Other news? Small Press Distribution now carries FUN CAMP.

FUN CAMP is on Goodreads. That’s not news, I guess.

I updated this page with all FUN CAMP reviews and interviews. If you are a human or publication and would like to review FUN CAMP, let me know.

Boss Fight Books is on its way to being a proper business, which makes the state of California get a crazed look in its eye and go, “give me all your $$$$$$$$, sucker,” and then I do.

Mike Young made the big Tumblr leap.

Oakland, I had a great time with you this weekend! Let’s do it again.

Seattle, I am coming and reading on July 18! More details soon.

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FUN CAMP will be published by Mud Luscious Press

Whoa, whoa, wow: Friends, I am very excited to announce that FUN CAMP, my novel-in-shorts, is going to be released by Mud Luscious Press in 2013.

As a part of their novel(la) series, FUN CAMP will join the ranks of Sasha Fletcher, Ben Brooks, Molly Gaudry, Matthias Svalina, Michael Stewart, and Norman Lock.

A huge thank you to Mud Luscious editors J.A. Tyler and Andrew Borgstrom for giving the book their close attention and interest. I also want to thank Sasha Fletcher, who strongly suggested I send MLP the book. “I don’t know,” I said, “I think this book is too chatty for them.” And then I sent it anyway.

Also, big thank you to the UMass friends who looked at early forms of many of these pieces, and to the editors of Matchbook, Notnostrums, Dogzplot, Everyday Genius, A cappella Zoo, Nano Fiction, Saltgrass, Hobart, Western Humanities Review, decomP, Wigleaf, The Lifted Brow, NOÖ Journal Gargoyle, American Short Fiction, Monkeybicycle, Quick Fiction, Dark Sky Magazine, The 2nd Hand, Pear Noir!, Orange Alert, Route 9, and Diagram.

I’ve posted a lot of google image camp pictures on this blog. Now here are a few personal ones (all enlargeable):

me on the far right

(To be clear, that’s a Skamania ’98 t-shirt I’m wearing in the first photo.)

Two years is both a long wait and not a long wait at all. Two years ago, I’d already written a handful of the earliest pieces in FUN CAMP. Two years from now, I will still occasionally be getting ideas for new Fun Camps and begging J.A. Tyler to stop the presses so I can cram new ones in.

So let’s all promise that in two years from today, we’ll meet again, and we’ll see what kind of people we’ve blossomed into. I will be the one trying to sell you a book.

** Check out a roundup of Fun Camps here **

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Two New FC Shorts in A cappella Zoo and decomP

Got my contributor copy of A cappella Zoo in the mail, featuring a Fun Camp short called “Hard Year for Everybody.” It’s got new stuff by Ben Loory, J.A. Tyler, Amber Sparks, and many others, and it looks great. There are also a couple of stories in both their original language and translation. There’s something nicely disarming about opening up a new journal and seeing pages of Hebrew.

In more immediately gratifying news, another Fun Camp short called Remember to Breathe just went up in the new issue of decomP.

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