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One thing Northampton and just about every other city lacks is a Largo. I miss the place and haven’t gotten to go since they moved to a bigger space and (maybe) improved the food a little.

Still, the Largo crowd has been active. There’s a whole slew of albums coming out in the next year. Foremost: Works Progress Administration, a supergroup made of Luke Bulla, Sean Watkins, Glen Phillips, Sara Watkins, Benmont Tench, Greg Leisz, Pete Thomas and Davey Faragher. “Always Have My Love” is solid Allison Krauss-y country.

Sean Watkins recorded an album with the guy from Switchfoot called Fiction Family.

Sara Watkins is coming out with her first solo album this year. Unrelated: Here’s her and her bro singing Trouble by Jon Brion.

Speaking of, Jon Brion did the score to Synecdoche, New York. The music, like the writing, directing, and acting, is excellent.

Glen Phillips has a couple of new bands albums: Plover with Garrison Starr and RemoteTreeChildren (by himself, I think.)

As of today, everyone in my apartment is 24 years old.

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