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The Doubters Have Been Silenced: Season 6 is Here


Episode #1 “Melted Butter and Brown Sugar” (4/6/08): America’s most truthful radio program returns with Thomas Bush, Darnell Brisco, Chris Faris and special guest Dave Pommer.

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Gather Round Children West Presents: Season 5, Episode 1


Episode #1 “Out With the New, In With the Old” (10/9/07): The radio show is back! And 55% as good as it used to be! Hey just kidding everybody. I’m Gabe Durham and I endorse this radio show. Segments include: “New intro: from the gates of hell,” better off without Gabe, Darnell in Vegas, “Can’t Be Seen In Public,” your game is weak, “The Race For Your Heart (Take Me to the Formal),” married dumb friends, Tom = engaged and then unengaged, “Married Friends Are Gone (sad),” “Married Friends Are Gone (happy).”

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