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O Glorious Feedback

Occasionally we at GRC find ourselves on Amazon or the iTunes store and read a customer review so artful and informative that we feel it is a direct representation of our enture self. Whatever that means. I stumbled upon this gem when checking out Sufjan Stevens’s “Enjoy Your Rabbit”. The question I pose to you: Customer Review or Brilliant Poetry? Or both?

Let Art Be Art ***** (5 out of 5 stars)
By Zachharrisment

Sufjan Stevens is a brilliant man and a true master of his musical craft.
You can’t judge art. Art is personal. If you don’t like it then thats [sic] fine.
But if you can’t appreciate what Sufjan’s music is to himself, then that reflects deeply on who you are as a person.
This music is a direct representation of his entire self.
This album is not for the masses simply because it requires deeper thought and a level of inner reflection.
If you listen to all music with that extra thought then you will love this album.

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