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I reviewed Eric Rayond’s CONFESSIONS FROM A DARK WOOD for the Collagist

“Do you think we should arrive in the white-on-white Bentley,” LaBar asks Nick before meeting with a big potential client, “or would separate Ferraris be more his style?” And when Nick ups the ante by suggesting they hire a driver for the occasion, Pontius delivers the closest thing he’s got to a catch phrase: “I couldn’t agree more.” The emphasis, for LaBar, like the American one percenters his creator skewers, is always on “more.”

The gist is I’m on board for whatever next winds up in Raymond’s crosshairs. There’s been talk this week about hoards of Lipsyte imitators who can’t match the real deal, but I think Eric is one who has absorbed some of the methods for righteous skewering without ever handing over the reins to other stylists. Thanks as always to Gabriel Blackwell for his sharp edits.

Read the review here.

And the whole issue here.

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