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Better Animal

And 2.5 years ago, one of Mike Young’s songs: “Better Animal”

Mike, Gale, Anne, Christy, Me.

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Cinnamon Urns, 3.5 years ago, in what was Ari and Sara’s apartment and what is now my friend Dov’s apartment.

Me, Ari, Mike, Christy, Anne. No Gale yet.

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Cinnamon Urns at Ari & Sara’s House

Mike, Christy, Ari, and Anne were all kind enough to help fulfill my angst fantasy with a cover of the Arcade Fire’s “Intervention.” I’m having as much fun in this video as it looks like I’m having.

Other hits that night included Mike’s O God of Mercy, O Wild God and Ari’s I Never Found Out What She Wanted Me For.

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