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Season 6, Episode 2

Episode #2 “Settling For Technology Again” (4/26/08): Thomas Bush and Darnell Brisco and special guests Naomi Con and Ellen Anne. They sound really good. Part One, Part Two

Also, listen for a reprise of “Seduction Song.”

Season 6, Episode 3

Episode #3 “Free Kenya” (5/4/08): Thomas Bush and Darnell Brisco and special guests Matthew Seth Baker and Pete Wilson. Part One, Part Two

Coming Soon: Episode #2

The Doubters Have Been Silenced: Season 6 is Here


Episode #1 “Melted Butter and Brown Sugar” (4/6/08): America’s most truthful radio program returns with Thomas Bush, Darnell Brisco, Chris Faris and special guest Dave Pommer.

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Season 5, Episode 8


Episode #8 “Fiveteen Chances” (12/7/07): Thomas Bush, Darnell Brisco and special guest Colleen Faris. Songs/segments: “Sweetola-madoo,” very special announcement (almost), quiz, American Gladiators, return of Malibu, GRC workout plan, “Ruffles in my Muscles / Gangster’s Paradise,” “Guinness for Strength,” who Chris Faris is, caller Alex Moore of GRC East, Alex’s love life, protect the junk.

Season 5, Episode 7


Episode #7 “Cha-la-la-hanica” (12/7/07): Thomas Bush, Darnell Brisco and special guest Roxy Astemborski. Songs/segments: Awards memories, “The Hanukkah Song,” Quanza, “Oh, How the Children Sing,” the things you can give, “Darnell and the Princess,” Megaman Soccer, “Sexy Party,” “The Bodybuilding Song,” “Pi Beta Phi,” very special caller: Jeff Hall, “Last Train Ride Home,” special guest Matt Bush, Mwok Mnipopotende, “Persian Wedding Song.”

Season 5, Episode 6

darnellTombomalex skinner

Episode #6 “Circular Breathing” (11/27/07): Thomas Bush and Darnell Brisco and special guest comedian/musician Alex Skinner. Songs/segments: Tom in minority, at the KFC, saying what we’re thankful for, black preachers, “read!”, thankful part II, “This Land is Your Land,” “Red, Yellow, Black and White,” spanking, “Love Thomas Too.” Part One, Part Two

Season 5, Episode 5


Episode #5 “Thumbal Regions” (11/7/07): Thomas Bush and Darnell Brisco and special guest Kristen Dellapace. Songs/segments: talking, “Harding Bashing Bonanza,” Tom supports Pepperdine basketball, Peter Pan, “Peter and Tigerlily’s Interracial Relationship Song,” Indian names: Ripping Flesh Wolf Man, cuddle drill, “Manifest Destiny,” “Can You Paint With All the Colors of the Wind?” lick the mic, “You’re A Grand Old Flag,” “In America, It Means Freedom,” “This is Our Land (Take My Money).”

Season 5, Episode 4


Episode #4 “ The World Will Little Note Nor Long Remember What We Say Here” (11/2/07): Thomas Bush and Darnell Brisco and special guest Elliot Cavale. Song/segments: Why Elliot doesn’t listen to GRC, “Tough Guy Stuff,” Central California, Cassidy call-in, “Best Girlfriend in the West,” “CowwwBop,” Gettysburg Address part two, “Covered in Fur,” over ten minutes on the phone with Elliot’s parents (a daring middle finger in the face of pacing or listeners’ interest), “Don’t Stop Believin,” when I cry. PART ONE, PART TWO

Season 5, Episode 3

Tombomdarnellmatt baker

Episode #3 “Pushing that Big Brother Off Your Chest” (10/27/07): GRC West continues as Thomas Bush and Darnell Brisco invite professional singer Matt Baker into the studio. Song/segments: Matt the farmer, “National Anthem,” coming home, “On the West Coast,” Free Willy, the Gettysburg Address, “On the Road to Nowhere,” “Umbrella-rella,” Thomas Cahoon call-in, “Some People Need,” “Stomp the Studio.”

Season 5, Episode 2: An East-West Battle That Makes Biggie and Tupac Look Like A Playground Squabble

gabe alex

Episode #2 “That Sweater Don’t Fit Anymore” (10/20/07): GRC East takes off as Gabe Durham and Alex Moore respond to Tom and Darnell’s slander. “Intro Song,” Tons smarter on the East Coast, Respect Game, Harvard ups IQs, “Half Over,” “Hot Flow,” “The Leaves Are Changing,” moving on from CA friends, “Like to Know” with special guest Liz TD, New England vortex. One hour’s worth of radio in under 20 minutes, absolutely commercial-free*.

* Self-promotion doesn’t count as a commercial.

Gather Round Children West Presents: Season 5, Episode 1


Episode #1 “Out With the New, In With the Old” (10/9/07): The radio show is back! And 55% as good as it used to be! Hey just kidding everybody. I’m Gabe Durham and I endorse this radio show. Segments include: “New intro: from the gates of hell,” better off without Gabe, Darnell in Vegas, “Can’t Be Seen In Public,” your game is weak, “The Race For Your Heart (Take Me to the Formal),” married dumb friends, Tom = engaged and then unengaged, “Married Friends Are Gone (sad),” “Married Friends Are Gone (happy).”

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“Gather Round, Children: The Best of Improv” Has Just Hit Shelves

Best of Improv

Gather Round Children: The Best of Improv

1. Baby… Shut Up
2. Where Did the Light Go?
3. Just A Little Thing
4. Little While Longer
5. Mother Russia
6. And You’ll Like It
7. Count Your Sins
8. Take My Money
9. Seduction Song
10. They Have No Shoes
11. Cliffhanger/Pick A Number
12. Dancing To and Fro
13. Nothing
14. We Won (No One Else Won)
15. Just A Little Thing (reprise)
16. Get On Board the GRC Train

At first we considered charging ten dollars per song because the album is so good. Then we decided to make it free because the album is so good. Enjoy. And remember: All positive reviews of “GRC: The Best of Improv” will be blurbed, thus immortalizing the listener for his/her supurb taste.

Special Guest Key:  Liz Durable (1, 10), Alex Moore (2, 12, 16), Jessica Kloor (3, 4, 9), Michael Brinley (5), Dave Staples (6, 8), Matt Highfield (7, 13), Christopher Faris (11, 14, 15)