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The Prototypes Are In: GRC Banners

I’m taking a poll. When you think “Gather Round, Children,” do you think..

1. Vintage?

2. I hate sharks?


3. Hub of spiritual guidance?

4. Enemy of hate-mongers everywhere?

The Talk of the Town… Wedding Reception Song List

This is the complete playlist from the GRC/Trimble merger party. The last set of songs never got played because everybody was tearing it up on the dance floor. At one point, Scott (the DJ) asked me, “So do you want to play these slow songs you gave me or keep the party going?” There was no question. We kept the party going. Also, there was no money dance, which explains why I’m flat broke.

Coming Soon:

– A Marriage Essay

– A Honeymoon Anecdote

After that, GRC will return to putting lude one-liners in the mouths of respected world leaders.

regan schaffer

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Winner’s Club for Fight Club

guitarThe title comes from the name of a skit from the “Fight Club Presents” days. The premise was: Brent, Dave and I got up in front of everyone and gloated about our happy, stable love lives. Come to think of it, it wasn’t so much a skit as a public forum for gloating. Nothing like Gather Round, Children.

On an unrelated note, I, Gabe Durham, have won the presigious “36 Cents For Your Entire Brain Astronaut Haiku Contest“!!! A $5 portion of rabbits was given, in MY name, to some people who need rabbits. Awesome! I couldn’t have done it without the help of that crazy astronaut lady and her fit of jealous rage. Thanks lady! I am the best! I am the Robert Frost of my generation! Listen to this new one, “On Winning a Really Important Contest”:

A road split into two roads

A most uncommon instance

I took the road most glorious

And it made all the difference!

The Last of the Tracks

Here they are, complete, glorious:

1. The Shadow Has A Good Long Laugh About His Knowledge: An interlude from a 30’s radio show.

2. I’d Like To Know (One Serious Remix): Tom’s dance hit gets a melancholy makeover.

3. Turn Out the Light / Blue Coal Advertisement: The addition is the old-time radio at the end of the track.

4. Another Krunk Track for the Barbee OR How to Milk Your One Great Idea A Little More: Just like the old version minus the swears.

5. Wilderness (Tried Your Darndest Award Recipient, 2006): Actually, this one is the same as before.

Murder in the Alley Behind the Malibu Theatre

Lots of Oscar buzz about my performace in the runaway indie hit, The Murder of Kitty Genovese. I was even up for Best Actor for a little while there, but then they nominated Cambry Pardee for Best Actor because he’s a bigger name (even though he had LESS time on screen), so I guess it’ll be Best Supporting Actor for me this year.

Written/Directed by Scott Smith

Also Starring: Liz Trimble, Brent Schackmann, Heather Scott, Sarai Small and Scott Smith.

Look out for subtext, everybody, it’s not just another video Scott made for the Billy Corgan fanclub.

For Michael Nevarrrrez, for Michael Alahouzos…

…and everybody else who enjoyed “Good News…Get Krunk”.

Skew It On the Barbee: It’s a brand new track featuring Modest Mouse and Outkast, but it’s got an ending that bridges the gap from the old album to the new.

Don’t want to die before we’re free.

New song evrabody, new song.

Turn Out the Light: Nelly Furtado over Glen Phillips and Ben Lee.

Two Tracks At Once: Unprecedented

The next two remixes are:

1. Sabra Girl: Kind of a companion to the Beastie Boys track. This is for all you who emailed me, enraged, because you listened to the “Beauty and the Mess” riff over and over hoping to hear Sara’s voice. Here she is folks, over a Sufjan Christmas song.

2 . Baby You’re a Rich Man: Speaking of Sufjan Christmas, here’s Beatles over two more Sufjan tracks and an Of Montreal bass line.

More to come!

Okay, you can open just one.

Here’s one of the new remixes. “Root Down” by Beastie Boys. This one goes out to Tom, who loves the Nickel Creek song it’s mixed with.

From the Archive…

Now available! Another full episode of “The Gather Round, Children Show,” featuring special guest, international traveler Heidi Laki.

Have a Listen: Episode #Heidi: Al Gore discussion, in-studio jams, tough stuff, mystery “Simon” caller.

Georgia’s always on my my my my my my my my mind…

Sexy music and becksy music.

Seriously, I’m done now. The puns are out of my system for at least 80 years. Go see Beck Day 5, first of all, for the conclusion of my review.

I wasn’t lying when I promised some sexy music. Here’s the current draft (a work in progress) of the Gabe Durham remix of Thomas Bush’s neighborly hit, “I’d Like to Know.” David Loi would love this…

Dash away, dash away, dash away all!

America is fast approaching the 4-year anniversary of A Suite Love‘s release of their groundbreaking debut, Christmas Album. Controvesial for creating a Christmas-themed debut with some legitimately creepy tracks, the members of A Suite Love found themselves hounded by the media and parents demanding answers. Perhaps the most controversial of the tracks:

Twas the Night Before Christmas

Still, the album appears in CD players across the country each Christmas season. Goes to show, as yoga instructor/free spirit Jenna Staples once pointed out, “Nobody said religion wasn’t creepy.” Enjoy.