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New Remix: Woke Me Up

This one transitions into “Prison for Jerks (Back to Cali),” the album closer. Like “Yoko in Idaho,” it’s not going to be a dance-hall favorite, but instead another chance to showcase Bjork’s voice over Andrew Bird’s instrumentals.

Woke Me Up (at MySpace)

It’s composed of:

Bjork – Sonnets/Unrealities XI
Andrew Bird – You Woke Me Up!
Andrew Bird – Master Sigh
Andrew Bird – The Barn Tapes
Andrew Bird – Carrion Suite
Andrew Bird – Imitosis
Andrew Bird – Skin Is, My
Kanye West – Love Lockdown

I also added the Madonna remix to the MySpace roster. It’s now retitled “No Beatbox in Baseball.”

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New Remix: Big Poppa

Here’s the album’s other Biggie remix. Both this one and “Cali” feature a spooky (reverby) distant higher-pitched doppleganger rapping alongside with Biggie. In this one, they start trading lines around 3:45.

Gabe Durham – Big Poppa (MySpace)

Composed of:

Notorious B.I.G. – Big Poppa
Damien Rice – Volcano
Andrew Bird – Happy Birthday

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New Remix: Playground


Gabe Durham – Playground

This track is composed of:

Bjork – The Triumph of a Heart
Madonna – This Used to Be My Playground
Spoon – I Turn My Camera On
Parvati Khan – Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Aaja
M.I.A. – Jimmy
Of Montreal – Jimmy
One Measure Featuring Some Obscure Daft Punk Song

Track may be subject to future tweaking. 

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New Remix: The Spirit of Shackleton


When longtime GRC favorite Glen Phillips offered up the best song off his new EP for the mixing, I knew I had to take him up on it.

Gabe Durham – Shackleton Remix

This track is composed of:

Glen Phillips – The Spirit of Shackleton
David Garza – Say Baby
Margot and the Nuclear So & Sos – A Sea Shanty of Sorts
Cake – I Bombed Korea
The Mountain Goats – Song For Lonely Giants
Rilo Kiley – Silver Lining
TV on the Radio – I Was A Lover
They Might Be Giants – She’s An Angel
Wednesday Night Worship – Holy is the Lord

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New Remix: “Mind’s Made Up / Morning Bell / 15 Step”

in rainbowsonce

Instead of posting to MySpace, I am making this one immediately available for download:

Gabe Durham“Mind’s Made Up / Morning Bell / 15 Step” (OR 7 Minutes in Catchy Yet Undanceable 5/4 Purgatory)”

This one is made of:

Radiohead – “15 Step,” “Morning Bell (Kid A),” “Morning Bell (Amnesiac),” “MK 1”
Once Soundtrack – “When Your Mind’s Made Up”
The Frames – “When Your Mind’s Made Up”
Dave Brubeck Quartet – “Time Out (live)”
Sufjan Stevens – “All Good Naysayers,” “Year of Our Lord,” “Come On! Feel the Illinoise!”
Simon and Garfunkel – “Cloudy”
Biodome 5 – “Voice Like a Shotgun”

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New Remix: “Yoko In Idaho”

Have a listen at GRC Myspace!


Here are the songs that went into it:

Josh Ritter – Idaho
Beatles – Sun King
John Lennon – Oh Yoko
Ella Fitzgerald – I Get A Kick Out of You
Ben Folds – Golden Slumbers
Traveling Wilburys – Margarita
Arcade Fire – Neighborhood #2
Sufjan Stevens – You Are the Rake

World Premiere: And You’ll Like It


Studio Version: And You’ll Like It

song by Gabe, Dave, Tom and Darnell, recorded in East Coast seclusion by Gabe 

“And You’ll Like It” is a song we made up on the spot on the radio with Dave Staples and then repeated with Matt Highfield. All the lyrics in this recorded version were sung (or based on something sung) in those improv songs. This form of songwriting is called “The Shotgun Method,” based on Biodome 5’s popular song where we made up some lyrics once and then never changed them. Songwriting should not be this easy.

“Gather Round, Children: The Best of Improv” Has Just Hit Shelves

Best of Improv

Gather Round Children: The Best of Improv

1. Baby… Shut Up
2. Where Did the Light Go?
3. Just A Little Thing
4. Little While Longer
5. Mother Russia
6. And You’ll Like It
7. Count Your Sins
8. Take My Money
9. Seduction Song
10. They Have No Shoes
11. Cliffhanger/Pick A Number
12. Dancing To and Fro
13. Nothing
14. We Won (No One Else Won)
15. Just A Little Thing (reprise)
16. Get On Board the GRC Train

At first we considered charging ten dollars per song because the album is so good. Then we decided to make it free because the album is so good. Enjoy. And remember: All positive reviews of “GRC: The Best of Improv” will be blurbed, thus immortalizing the listener for his/her supurb taste.

Special Guest Key:  Liz Durable (1, 10), Alex Moore (2, 12, 16), Jessica Kloor (3, 4, 9), Michael Brinley (5), Dave Staples (6, 8), Matt Highfield (7, 13), Christopher Faris (11, 14, 15)

Baby… Shut Up

Introducing the first of 16 hit singles from the forthcoming “GRC: The Best of Impov”. Some have contested the single, assuming its prominent track placement and first single status betray spousal motivations. However, we at GRC Records held dozens of focus groups before coming to the decision. It’s what we do. You think we aren’t professional, dissenters? LAY OFF. But for the rest of our fans who only assume the very best about us, enjoy the song.

Fan in the Stands


The new remix, Fan in the Stands,” is finished and downloadable on the GRC MySpace page. This one moves closer to the kitchen sink approach. Songs used:

Morris Brown – Outkast
Lead Me Upstairs – David Gray
I Met You – The Proclaimers
The Crane Wife 2 and 3 – The Decemberists
It’s Getting Old – Goldspot
Gravity’s Rainbow – Klaxons
Perfect Disguise – Bruce Springsteen
Happy – The Wrens
Think I’m In Love – Beck
The Waitress – The Waifs
Margarita – Traveling Wilburys
+ a Wilco drum roll

Remix: “Morris Brown” by Outkast


Happy wedding season, everybody. I bring you the gift of hot track, available for listening at the GRC MySpace. The song features elements of Outkast, David Gray, the Proclaimers, the Decemberists, Goldspot, Bruce Springsteen, the Wrens, Beck, Klaxons, Wilco AND, FOR THE FIRST TIME, no Modest Mouse. Deal with it.

The Last of the Tracks

Here they are, complete, glorious:

1. The Shadow Has A Good Long Laugh About His Knowledge: An interlude from a 30’s radio show.

2. I’d Like To Know (One Serious Remix): Tom’s dance hit gets a melancholy makeover.

3. Turn Out the Light / Blue Coal Advertisement: The addition is the old-time radio at the end of the track.

4. Another Krunk Track for the Barbee OR How to Milk Your One Great Idea A Little More: Just like the old version minus the swears.

5. Wilderness (Tried Your Darndest Award Recipient, 2006): Actually, this one is the same as before.