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Lovely Sparrows / Bowerbirds

Many parallels here. I like both of these songs/videos:

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The other part of the video episode

of the radio show is featured over here.

It’s got squinting and singing.

Warner Brothers’ and Disney’s Hilarious WWII Contributions

Yeah, sorry, tricked you, they weren’t hilarious. But it’s interesting to look at a time when propaganda was more overt. If only American propaganda was always this easy to spot. If only the propaganda always backed this just a cause.

GRC: The Lost Episode

During our time in LA, Alex and I met up with Darnell Brisco in the radio studio and recorded what many of our live listeners reported to be the awesomest thing ever. We fought, made up, fought again, and played a bunch of great tunes along the way. Unfortunately, we lost the whole thing due to a technical malfunction. Luckily, I videotaped one minute of the beginning:

This post marks the first release by Gather Round Moving Pictures, a subsidiary of Gather Round, Children. 

Murder in the Alley Behind the Malibu Theatre

Lots of Oscar buzz about my performace in the runaway indie hit, The Murder of Kitty Genovese. I was even up for Best Actor for a little while there, but then they nominated Cambry Pardee for Best Actor because he’s a bigger name (even though he had LESS time on screen), so I guess it’ll be Best Supporting Actor for me this year.

Written/Directed by Scott Smith

Also Starring: Liz Trimble, Brent Schackmann, Heather Scott, Sarai Small and Scott Smith.

Look out for subtext, everybody, it’s not just another video Scott made for the Billy Corgan fanclub.