Locked Away

My new ebook, Locked Away, just came out from Publishing Genius. It’s $3!

In a land where cellars have just been invented, a new class of criminals—kidnappers—begins to experiment with locking people inside their cellars. Here, a bean farmer, a fig merchant, and a vicious marauder prove humankind’s capacity for abusing new technologies in this strange world populated by dunderhead criminals, sad old men, and unsocialized children. Locked Away comes from the inimitable imagination of PG’s own Gabe Durham, who gave us 2013′s hit novel, Fun Camp.

Bible Adventures is part of the StoryBundle’s new ebook bundle with other books and magazines about video games. Just two weeks left!

This week, Gamasutra published part of Bible Adventures to help celebrate (tolerate?) the Steam rerelease of Super 3D Noah’s Ark.

The Rumpus just published my interview with Christy Crutchfield about her great novel How to Catch a Coyote.

Last, I edited & published this fine book: Baldur’s Gate II by Matt Bell.

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