FUN CAMP in Small Press Book Review + Call for Chrono Trigger Pitches

Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 3.12.08 PM

“There’s a level of sophistication here—the gut punch while you’re laughing—and it’s so subtle as to be stealthily disarming. Autumn comes and then winter, though in the summer it’s easy to live fast and maintain a kind of temporary short-sightedness that comes with warm water and soft skin.” – Mel Bosworth, author of Freight

Bulk-size thanks to Mr. Mel Bosworth for reviewing FUN CAMP for his site, The Small Press Book Review. Might be a good idea to add his site to your Google Re… Feedly feed.


I also want to mention on here…

Boss Fight Books is now accepting book pitches.

The only catch is: They have to be about Chrono Trigger.

No major guidelines. Just be sure to tell us about yourself, send us to some other things you’ve written, and give us a good sense of what you’d do with the book: What’s your angle?

We’d love to hear from writers of all stripes, including those who in some way deviate from the straight white male template.

No hired guns, please: We only want to hear from people who already know/care about Chrono Trigger.

Send your pitch to bossfightbooks at gmail.

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