Quincy Rhoads Reviewed FUN CAMP in The Fiddleback

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Big thanks to Quincy Rhoads for his review of FUN CAMP in The Fiddleback.

Fun Camp offers surreal laughs, as when a camper yells “refresh inbox!” at a clothesline designated for inter-camper notes, or the ghost story pastiche around the campfire: “To this day, La Malhora appears at the crossroads whenever someone is going to die. That baby was my daughter. That psycho was me.” And the book offers surprisingly familiar pathos, as when veteran campers mourn the loss of summers gone by or when scratchy love notes are stowed in socks.

It was Quincy’s review that set off a big controversy at HMTLGIANT when it appeared anonymously and then disappeared mysteriously hours after being posted. And by “big controversy,” I mean “a thing that happened.”

Secure your copy here.

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