The Wrens’ Secaucus is the best album of the 1990’s.

I know, I know, but in these troubled times, you’ve got to be bold.

The truth is: I feel like my ongoing project to serve as an Online Wrens Apologist is going poorly. When I get to heaven and Jesus asks me if I did what I could to disseminate Secaucus and The Meadowlands, I need to be able to tell him I did what I could.

This album is not particularly influential, it’s not immediately accessible, but probably more than any album, Secaucus is the album that simply does not wear out. It is absolutely inexhaustible. 13 years of moderate and sometimes heavy listening cannot break it.

Secaucus is also the album that will always sound the most like the Wrens to me. Silver sounds at times like the Pixies, The Meadowlands sounds like the best of the early 00’s sonic landscape, but Secaucus sounds only like itself.

Here are 3 (legal) MP3s from Secaucus to get you started:

And 4 from other albums:

And then a couple more Secaucus tracks from YouTube:

Finally, you can stream the whole thing here. If you need more convincing, talk to me.

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One thought on “The Wrens’ Secaucus is the best album of the 1990’s.

  1. Samuel says:

    I totally agree with you about Secaucus. I really like that record and have been playing again in the last couple of days. Those tunes are so damned catchy!! There’s that great run of Built in Girls, Surprise Honeycomb and then Rest Your Head. I love how the guitars on Surprise Honeycomb sound like they’re playing a different song.

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