The First and Best Way to Secure Your Copy of FUN CAMP Has Arrived

Officially available today! Show your love for Mud Luscious Press by becoming a subscriber to our 2013 Novel(la) Series! Subscribers will receive the following four 2013 novel(la) titles, delivered quarterly to their doorsteps:

Michael Kimball Writes Your Life Story (on a postcard) by Michael Kimball

Fun Camp by Gabe Durham

American Homes by Ryan Ridge

PLAN/K by Kristi Maxwell

Subscribers will also receive a bunch of bonus items / incentives, including:

free shipping on all four titles (regularly $12)
a thank you note from one of our 2013 novel(la) authors
a free submission during our open reading period in summer 2013 (regularly $15)
a free Nephew title shipped to you at random during the 2013 season (regularly $10)

Need more convincing? Head on over to the subscription page to find out more about each of our 2013 Novel(la) Series authors and titles.

Our goal is 100 subscribers for the 2013 season. Help us out and get a mess of amazing words in return!
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