A Real Email Conversation Between Me and Tom

Gabe: When it was time to, say, put down the foundation on the cathedral, how will I know if I am ready to build if others are helping me build it? I suppose we could work it out beforehand, but what if my friend renegs? Also, is a contribution at any stage in the creation of a cathedral an assurance that one would be “counted” in the event that a cathedral is built? Though it unseemly, might one hedge bets by contributing to the cathedral fund at some stage and then focusing on other pet projects like brewery ownership and management?

Tom: Great questions.. 1) When it’s time to build a cathedral, you’ll put in the cooperation field who you’re working with, then just type somewhere around the building section how much each person will contribute. 2) hmm.. not sure yet about this. Perhaps the builders who put on the finishing touches decide whose name gets to be put on the building? An alternative solution is that someone must contribute at least 25% resources to 2 out of 3 building phases. Which one do you like better?

Gabe: Nice, well, maybe a flat percentage could be best. That way, there could be a competition toward the end to be a “gold club” 25%er and some suspense about whether you’ll make it.

Tom: Yeah, the only downside with that is, what if there are 5 people going after the cathedral.. or 6 even.. they should all be able to win together, so setting a flat rate or demanding exact equal contribution would be tedious.

Gabe: You’re such a softy. Okay, one more. Why doesn’t it cost money to secure a merchant for myself?

Tom: Using the merchant basically sacrifices a purchasing action that day(max 3 per day) and allows you to make more money than you normally would in a day. So if you really need to get to the mine, it might be easier on day two or three, so I’d you don’t have a useful thing to buy or of its too risky that day you could just go to the merchant and make some extra cash

Gabe: I see, so a merchant is a temporary action rather than a guy I get on my team who increases my $$ each turn. Makes sense, thanks.

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