FUN CAMP in the new Puerto Del Sol

A juicy selection of new pieces from my book, FUN CAMP, appears in the new issue of Puerto del Sol. It’s a big and impressive issue. Also in there is the work of…

Molly Gaudry
Elisa Fernández-Arias
Annam Manthiram
Ken Weaver
Eric Chevillard
Alyson Waters
Dustin M. Hoffman
Nick Ripatrazone
Kathryn Winograd
Trinie Dalton
Matthew Salesses
Brandon Hobson
Joseph Scapellato
Heather Momyer
Ray Gonzalez
Katie Jean Shinkle
Christopher Bundy
Thomas Larson
Cynthia Cruz
F. Daniel Rzicznek

Kelli Allen
Alyse Knorr
Li Sung
David Trinidad
Sam Witt
Karin Lightstone
Anis Shivani
Joseph P. Wood
Karen An-hwei Lee
Lauren Nicole Nixon
Chris Smith
Daniel Borzutzky
Hugh Behm-Steinberg
Greg Gerke
Lara Flores
Kara Dorris
Jeanine Deibel
Megan Wong
Sessily Watt
Kelsie Hahn
Mike Meginnis

And here is the interview I did for the issue a few weeks ago.


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