New Story: “The Different Thing” in The Collagist

I have a new story, “The Different Thing” in this month’s issue of The Collagist. It seems like it ought to be read in tandem with the Nate Pritts story in the same issue, both of them having fun with artifice and heavy constraint. This is as conceptual as I get. Real different than my other Collagist story. Also check out Luke B. (seems to have price-slashed his name) whose writing has changed since I first met him–everything I read from him now is megaconfident and stylish. Thanks to Matt Bell, who as editor cut a sentence, “Each tried to see himself and herself as the other might,” down to, “Each tried to see as the other might.” Who’s pining for that first version? Nobody.


Also: I’ve been posting at the Dark Sky blog alongside Seth, Carr, Kevin, Christy, and today Jensen. Sometimes I am more there than here.

One thought on “New Story: “The Different Thing” in The Collagist

  1. mattbell says:

    Thanks so much for letting us publish “The Different Thing,” and for the kind words about the process. I’m glad you saw that linkage between your story and Nate’s too: They seemed like a nice balance for each other in the issue, above and beyond their own merits, and I was glad to get to publish them together.

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