Dark Sky Magazine #15

Photo by Christopher Woods


Dark Sky Magazine #15 just went live. Contains:


Blackberries by Alan Rossi

Two Shorts by Matty Byloos

Cape Cod by Rob Roensch

Friends of Joy: A Review by Tom Whalen

Danceland by Jennifer Pieroni


Self Assessment by Brian Foley

+ by Dan Kaplan

from CANDIDA: A Translation by Elaine Castillo

Amoeba & Ape by Julia Cohen and Mathias Svalina

Sometimes Harmful Never Helpful by Natalie Shapero

No Memorial by Nate Pritts


The Big Metal Stomach by Michael Lars

epitaph 45 by Matthew Vollmer

Taiwo and Kehinde by Wendy Thompson Taiwo


Paintings by Edward Mullany

Mixed-Media by Ark Codex

Photographs by Christopher Woods


There Exists Now a Book — the air in an empty gallery by Zach Savich


Because It’s Winter You Need Something to Do by Staff

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One thought on “Dark Sky Magazine #15

  1. Dilk Barber says:

    When I reading it fun to have pictures with dancing animals. Then when I sees word I doesn’t know, I look to pictures. Here is book with panda bear wearing hat. He eating ice cream and smiling. I thinks he in house, which don’t seem real.

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