Dark Sky Magazine #14

WHAT?? New issue of Dark Sky Magazine with writing by Katie Jean Shinkle, Blake Kimzey, Jason Larson, Corey Eastwood, Katherine V. Seger, Joseph Musso, Ryan Bender-Murphy, Brett DeFries, Friedrich Kerksieck, EC Belli, Thibault Raoult, and Zach Savich. Art by Sarah Pater. Edited by Christy Crutchfield, Brian Mihok, Sarah Boyer, Ted Powers, and myself. HERE.

AND LOOK: Already every water cooler is talking about Larson’s saucy BURTS.

Also in the issue is a new kind of book review Zach Savich and I invented after he described a book to me in great detail without ever mentioning the author’s name.

Here’s his: Sun Stuck Like Gum on a Chip of Brick

Here’s mine: “Love, Love, Lovin It” Says the Tree Canyon River Review

The next issue will feature some more of these reviews, so if you think you might like to write one, email me at gabe AT darkskymagazine DOT com and I’ll fill you in.

Also out is the newest of NOÖ so LETS SETTLE IN and READ UP.

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