– More Dark Sky biz: Kevin Murphy vs. M Thompson at Hobart

– Anne Holmes, Lily Laedwig, Gale Thompson: They have books coming out!

– Thanks to everybody who came to see me read with Matthias and Emily. After a year in Nashville, it was kind of miraculous to see a big room like the upstairs of Amherst Books fill up. FUN CAMP is going away for awhile so that it can return as a book in a year and a  half.

– This is my favorite piece Matthias read that night: The one on “Seeingers.”

– Liz sneaked over to Flying Object yesterday and filled out the James Hoag section of our home library.

– Have you heard this amazing new Wilco song, Art of Almost? Have you made sure to ignore the rest of the album? (That’s not fair, I haven’t even listened to the whole thing…)

– My favorite scene in Star Wars is the one where Luke Skywalker fights the shark.


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  1. […] Finding #1: Monday’s post, which linked to a story about an old Japanese Star Wars Nintendo game. […]

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