Un/happiness at Wigleaf + Brian Baise’s “The Coyote”

Scott Garson curated another edition of Writers’ Playlist in which me and others talk about songs and ourselves:


by Kyle Beachy, Ryan Bradley, Ryder Collins, Gabe Durham, Erin Fitzgerald, Carissa Halston, Andrea Kneeland, Lacey Martinez, David Peak, Matt Salesses, Lucas Southworth, Amber Sparks, Terese Svoboda, and xTx.

I chose “Life is Good Blues” by Laura Viers, and there’s stuff by LCD Soundsystem, Prince, Joanna Newsom, everybody.

Also worth a look:

“Writers’ Playlist: Love & Sex”  (01-21-10)

“Writers’ Playlist: Autumn”  (08-27-08)

Also, thanks to Jensen Beach, Sarah Malone, Brian Foley, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, Adam Robinson at HTMLGiant, The Laughing Yeti, So New, Todd Dills, Nano Fiction, Chad Simpson, Ben Tanzer, Scott Garson, Liz Wife, Dave Lemley,  Scobey Photography, and all my FB friends for helping share the good news about FUN CAMP.

Finally, big congrats to Brian Baise, whose story The Coyote is a storySouth Million Writers Notable Story of 2010. I worked with Brian on the story as guest editor at NOÖ Weekly.

At the time of the story’s publication, I wrote, “I solicited a story from Brian Baise because of a story called “It’s Nice When Someone is Excited to See You” that appeared in McSweeney’s #29. Rarely am I knocked out by a single story in a journal the way I was by that one. It’s funny and sneaky and sharp and tender, and it demands at least a second read. But first, read this new one, “The Coyote,” for which I’ll gladly trot out all the same descriptors. This is prose that knows when to perform and knows when to get out of the way. Baise’s got a knack for writing his way into the headspace of these small oblivious men and the jerks who tolerate them. The humor/pain of his stories exists in the gap between how these men see themselves and how the world sees them.”

You can read “The Coyote” here.

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